The Best TED Talk For Entrepreneurial Women

Every now and again, we need a boost in our hustles and livelihoods. And we guarantee you this is a great one. Reporter and author Gayle Tzemach Lemmon’s first TED talk “Women entrepreneurs, example not exception” centers on viewing women with entrepreneurial paths as great examples for today’s society.

As a businessperson, Gayle entered Business School at the age of thirty, not knowing other women who had made a similar move. In other words, at the time, she took an unusual route #entrepreneurialmove!

“We do not invest in victims. We invest in survivors.” This is also said to be the reason why many choose not to invest in women. Not only is this ‘hopeless view’ dangerous, it’s also wrong…dead wrong. It is essential to invest in women because we understand the power of having a job more than anyone else. As the entrepreneurs we are, women see the growth of a company with a global lens.

But Gayle doesn’t stop there. In her many travels, she documents and shares a number of women who have fiercely worked to support themselves and their families, while giving their full focus on growing the “global economy that desperately needs our contributions.” From Afghanistan to Ghana, women all over the world are making a difference, creating jobs and growing businesses they believe in, being the entrepreneurs they are destined to be.

So despite the singular way of thinking, women have made, and will continue to make, a name for themselves, aiming higher and thinking bigger. We grow, and will continue to grow. But Gayle says it best, “We are not a special interest group. We are the majority.”

Definitely a must watch!


Written by Rachel O. JB Kehinde

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Featured photo:Kasia Gorol

  1. oh there were so many Golden Nuggets in this TedxTalk!!!! “Don’t import others limitations”~~Love IT! Thank you

  2. thank you so much Gayle is amazing as are her strong female role models she quotes . thank you so much for posting this.
    And thank you to Career Girl Daily you’re pretty amazing as well

  3. Such an inspiring TEDTalk – funny timing, I just published a post earlier this week about TEDTalks to help motivate, whether you’re lacking creativity, stuck on a tough problem, or just need a kick in the rear. They’re great follow ups to this to really spark a fire!

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