10 TED Talks That Will Motivate You


These are the best TED talks for women if you want to get motivated on this Monday. Want to get some serious inspiration this Monday? Give these super inspiring ladies TED talks a watch and you’ll feel a renewed burst of energy to smash your goals and get stuff done.


1. Arianna Huffington

How to succeed? Get more sleep

That fuzzy, sleep-deprived brain fog is all too familiar to most of us, but surely it’s nothing that a couple of strong coffees can’t fix? In this short talk, Huffington explains how we’ve reached a global crisis that is ‘robbing smart people of their best ideas’. If the key to success lies in the bedroom, it’s got to be worth a watch.

2. Meg Jay

Why 30 is not the new 20

It’s drilled into us all too often, ’30 is the new 20′. The truth is, twentysomethings really do matter and Jay explains how critical our 20s are in adult development. So, for goodness sake, claim your 20s because, after all, 80% of life’s ‘defining moments’ take place by age 35.

3. Mel Robbins

How to stop screwing yourself over

Ruthless and honest, Robbins has a few home truths that we all need to hear. You’ll need to ‘pull up your big girls’ pants’, follow the 5-second rule and stop using the F-word for this one.

4. Amy Cuddy

Your body language may shape who you are


The message is simple: if you pretend to be more powerful, you’ll be more powerful. Easy peasy, right? In this talk, Amy Cuddy teaches you the power of holding your head up high and believing you can do it if you want to succeed. This is one of the best TED talks for women that are constantly cited because it’s just so relatable.

5. Elizabeth Gilbert

Your elusive creative genius


Would you consider yourself to be a genius? News in, we all ‘have’ a genius inside us and Gilbert is the one to help you find it. Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of Eat, Pray, Love. So you can trust her to know a thing or two about the creative genius and in this talk, she’ll teach you exactly how to find it.

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6. Leymah Gbowee

Unlock the intelligence, passion, greatness of girls

Prepare yourself to be inspired by this TED talk. Leymah Gbowee reveals the secrets behind unlocking the potential of incredible women in this talk. She shares stories from her life, and from the women and girls, she’s known. Similarly, she highlights the injustices she’s experienced and the way that uniting and coming together will help us achieve everything we wanted.

7. Brené Brown

The Power of Vulnerability

A simple yet effective message for all of us: don’t numb your vulnerability, because vulnerability is powerful. Have the courage to be imperfect and amazing things will happen. Watch this TED talk if you need a reminder that your vulnerabilities are a strength.

8. Soraya Chemaly

The power of a woman’s anger

Why should anger be a ‘man’s emotion’? Chemaly explains why we need to be able to process this emotion and own our own anger because we can achieve so much when we allow ourselves to feel our anger.

9. Anne-Marie Slaughter

Can we ‘have it all’?

Is there such a thing as ‘having it all’ or are we just putting too much pressure on ourselves. In this super inspiring TED talk, Slaughter explodes the conversation around work-life balance and asks us if there’s a way we can all ‘have it all’? Because when you have it all, you’d be surprised about what might happen.

10. Sheryl Sandberg

Why we have too few women leaders

Tackling some huge equality issues here, Sandberg presents statistics that would make the Suffragettes turn in their graves, so make a difference to future generations and find out how you can do all this by ‘sitting at the table’ and ‘making your partner a real partner’. These are the best TED talks from super inspiring women, hopefully, they gave you some inspiration!

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