This Is The Best Time Of The Day To Send Emails

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Everybody thinks that the morning is the best time to get stuck into your overflowing inbox. So once the most important emails of the day have been read through it’s time to get to work on sending out our own.

You spend an hour drafting the perfect, non-sales like email. You ask questions that cannot be ignored, offer incentives to reply at every opportunity and even include some humor to make the email enjoyable to read. In your mind, it’s the ideal email, but is it really?

According to Grammarly, it might not be and the reason why is all down to one simple thing; the time you wrote the email.

Think about your own day.

You come to the office, sit down and your inbox is filled with urgent messages that require an immediate response. You quickly get those out the way and then you’re pulled into your morning meeting. You leave the meeting and by this point, you are absolutely starving. Your inbox doesn’t even get a glance before you rush out to grab lunch.

Now imagine trying to write an important email during that time. Your mind is elsewhere, your brain is in desperate need of food and your to-do list is at its largest (and is the most daunting it will be all day). You may not put much thought into it, but according to Grammarly, this period is where your emails will have the most mistakes (not good if you’re trying to impress!)

Acting as an extension to your Chrome browser, Grammarly helps you conduct the perfect email by eliminating mistakes. When correcting emails it was discovered that 11.8 mistakes per 100 words were made between and 8am and 14.3 mistakes for every 100 words were made between 10pm and 2am (that’s understandable, your brain should be sleeping not writing!).

So when is the optimal time to send an email?

Between 1-5pm will mean that your email will be written the best it can be, theoretically containing the fewest number of mistakes and therefore being far more likely to impress.

You finally have evidence to support the advice that is often offered to us; switch off morning and night and your work will benefit as a consequence.

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  • Cristina

    I always try to avoind checking my e-mail in the morning. I try to start with the hardest task and end with the e-mails because they do not require a lot of concentrating & energy.

    Cristina | *janded

  • Mila S

    Woah! I’ve been doing it wrong for my whole life ahah.

    Suchhh a good tip. How did I never think about it before?!

    x Mila ✨check out my my blog 👉🏼

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