The Best TV Shows You Should Watch To Unwind This Weekend


If you haven’t got plans to go out and go crazy this weekend, you know what you’ll probably do on a Friday evening – binge on TV! Snuggle up, settle down and switch off your brain in front of these 5 TV shows!

Sense 8 (Netflix)

Love heroes and superhuman shows? Sense 8 focuses around 8 strangers who find themselves connected by their thoughts. A mysterious organization is hunting them down and they need to find out how they’ve suddenly become connected and more importantly, why.

Love (Netflix)

Love is produced by Judd Apatow and details the relationship between nerdy Gus and cool girl Mickey. Don’t be discouraged, it’s not a soppy rom-com, it’s an exploration of relationships and it’s funny. It shows what happens after the gushy stuff, when the couple has to get their shit together and make it work.

Being Mary Jane – The Series (Netflix)

TV journalist Mary Jane has a busy life, she’s a successful news anchor with a designer wardrobe, the perfect home and the best career around. But, with all this, she also has to balance her family and her messy love life. Behind the scenes, she’s nothing like her cool, calm TV personality. This drama is gripping!

Younger (TV land)

If you’ve missed Hillary Duff, don’t worry, just watch Younger and relive your youth. When a single mom gets mistaken for younger than she actually is, she decides that she should live like a 26-year-old, reboot her career and do the things 26-year-olds do. From the same mind that created Sex And The City, this could be your new favorite show!

American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson (FX/Hulu/BBC iPlayer)

Sick of Making A Murderer? This true crime story features Kris Jenner (played by Selma Blair) and Robert Kardashian (played by David Schwimmer) and the trial of OJ in the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown. Everybody knows about this trial but watching it re-enacted really brings the drama to light.

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  • Carina

    I’ve missed shows like SATC. Definitely got to give younger a go!

    X, Carina

  • Sophie Matters

    I watched the whole season of Love in one night – it’s that good! I have been searching for some new tv shows to get into so I’ll see what the other ones are like :)

  • Bella-rosa

    omg! thanks for the recommendations, goodbye to my weekend plans

  • Camille Beygui

    All these seem awesome

  • LisaLDN

    OMG, Younger looks hilarious! Definitely watching that! :)


  • Cafebiblioart

    Younger is absolutely amazing and the cast even more so. Cannot wait for the new season.