6 Books You Need To Take With You On Vacation This Year

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Summer is around the corner and during the holiday season, and there’s nothing quite like diving into a new book while on vacay to escape even further. So go grab the sunscreen, your sunglasses, and find the perfect spot. It’s time to relax with one of these page-turners. Whether you’re lounging from your bedside or chilling by the pool working on your tan, here are six best vacation books, you’ll want to get lost in.

1. The Ultimate Blog Plan

The Ultimate Blog Plan available here.

This book is the perfect vacation companion if you want to make your dreams of being successful online true. Picture yourself, reading by the pool about all the strategies you can put in place to create your own full-time job and work wherever you are in the world. And you’ll never get bored of this book because it’s full of workbook activities to keep you entertained while you’re on the beach, or in the bar,  or on the plane! Buy it here.


2. Lies, T.M Logan

Lies by T M Logan available here.

This gripping thriller has claimed a prime position on many book lists, and it’s clear to see why. Happily-married teacher Joe Lynch decides to follow his wife’s car into an underground parking lot. However, finds her in a disagreement with Ben, a family friend. It is suddenly clear that his wife has been lying to him. Consequently, an altercation breaks out between the two men, with life-changing consequences. Buy it here.

3. Nasty Women, 404 Ink

Nasty Women by 404 Ink available here.

Published on International Women’s Day whilst in the midst of a fraught political and social climate across the globe. This collection of feminist essays reclaims Trump’s infamous ‘nasty woman’ slur and shares diverse experiences of womanhood in the 21st century. British and American women of various faiths, ethnic backgrounds, and sexualities share their experiences on what it is like to be a woman in the 21st century. Buy it here.

4. Siddhartha, Hermann Hesse

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse available here.

Cemented as a timeless classic, this eponymous tale of self-exploration and spiritual awakening follows the story of a man named Siddhartha and his journey to enlightenment. In addition, also stumbling across an encounter with Gautama Buddha. Ultimately, a quest to discover the meaning of life, this book is highly recommended to those with philosophical tendencies and a desire to enrich your inner life. Buy it here.

5. Odd Girl Out, Laura James 

Odd Girl Out by Laura James available here.

Journalist and PR professional Laura James tells her personal story of being diagnosed with autism in her forties. Furthermore, the book follows her life one year after her diagnosis. She explores how being diagnosed with autism helps her find answers about her identity. How being different doesn’t actually mean being less. But also how it impacted her marriage and family life. An interesting read which sheds light on under-diagnosed autism in women. Buy it here.

6. The Vegetarian Han Kang

The Vegetarian by Han Kang available here.

This is a slightly more disturbing but stunning book, if you’re feeling brave you should definitely give it a tackle. Based in modern day South Korea, Yeong-Hye and her husband live a plain and ordinary life, just how he likes it.  But when Yeong-Hye starts having blood-soaked nightmares, she decides to cut meat from her diet. However, her decisions to live a plant-based diet are met with horror and disbelief, until her passive rebellion of societal norms manifests into more frightening forms. It’s a great read if you like books that are a bit strange! Buy it here.


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  1. Amazing Natalie! I gifted the vegetarian to someone and they loved it. Do you have any suggestions you would add to this list?

  2. It can be a bit daunting surrounded by so many fantastic reads. We’re glad we could help! Do you have any suggestions you think our readers would love Diana?

  3. The vegetarian is an AMAZING read Izzy. Definitely in my top 5. Do you have any suggestions you would add to this list?

  4. Lies by T.M Logan is definitely a good book. Create a list of books to read in the plane too. I think that would be interesting :)

    My favorite book to read in the plane would be Tuesday with Morris. A short, interesting and touching book.

    With Regards,

  5. Thanks for making a list…but.keeping the nasty women going..enlightenment…vegan lifestyle..how about some good novel reading while on VACATION,for instance…Summer of Light by W Dale Cramer..laugh, cry, relate, laugh?

  6. Then get purchasing Natalie! Summer is a great time to learn new skills or build on skills you already have, and blogging is a great one. Especially since it seems to be your passion! Love your blog x

  7. We’re so glad we could help Kritsida, where are you going? whether by train or plane books make for perfect companions! There when you need them but won’t throw up on your fave shoes! Do you have any books you would recommend?

  8. Thank you very much for the idea Humble&Rich, we will definitely do that! Thanks. I haven’t read that, but will have to check it out!

  9. You have some beautiful tips in your posts Sheida, do you live in the mediterranean? Very jealous if you do! Do you have any books you would recommend?

  10. Thanks Lisa yes I moved to Italy 7 years ago, its a beautiful country. You should come for your holidays! Yes I have three good recommendations for easy fun books for a holiday in Mediterranean: 1. Not Quite Nice by Celia Imrie sets in French Riviera and its really funny . 2. Last Voyage of the Valentina by Santa Montefiore that sets in south of Italy and finally since I live in Rome I really enjoyed reading As The Romans Do by Alan Epstein.

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