7 Self Care Sunday Ideas To Help You Relax And Recharge

You wake up and you know it’s going to be a lazy Sunday.  Today is all about the fine art of having a relaxing, soothing, snoozing Sunday! A perfect slow day, a day for breakfasts in bed, naps, and baths. Relaxing Ways To Spend Your Lazy Sunday

1. Have a leisurely breakfast or brunch.

Cook something you wouldn’t have time to cook on a weekday morning. Go all out, make coffee in a french press (if you have one – I actually prefer instant coffee) have some toast, spread out your newspaper like you own the place, grab a book, grab a kindle, or whatever else you have to read to hand and read. Don’t rush, savor your brekkie, and pretend you’re in a cafe. Check these recipes if you need inspiration.

2. Take a relaxing bath

Find a nice bath bomb, a book or your favorite magazine, some candles, and essential oils for your relaxing bath. LUSH Bath Bombs are a good way to enjoy bath time. When you enter one of their stores it smells amazing. Taking a bath with a Lush bath bomb feels like a luxury! Check out our article about how to take a relaxing bath

3. Get out of your house.

Go for an hour walk in the park. I love to do this on a Sunday. I’ll go to Starbucks or buy healthy green juice and have a nice walk.

4. Plan your next week

Put on your favorite relaxing music. Get something to drink, shut off the Internet, and find a quiet place. Make time for your weekly planning process. I usually sit down with my Getting Stuff Done planner and start to layout every day of the week and my top tasks and to-dos. Relaxing Ways To Spend Your Lazy Sunday

5. Netflix

Netflix is perfect for your lazy Sunday. We love lazy Sundays, and with most of our series back with a new season, our Sundays have become even better! Check out our favorite series

6. Give yourself a mani

Give yourself a manicure! Grab some polishes and take some time to get your nails done! It’s all about you.

7. Watch our YouTube list

From Science to Human Rights, YouTube is a Walhalla for information. The CGD team has put a list together of a couple of YouTube videos that are actually going to motivate you for the week ahead.

Getting Stuff Done Planner


Finance Journal


Stress Less Journal



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