The 3 Second Morning Routine Trick To Get More Energy Every Day



The best way to start your morning isn’t in bed with a pillow over your head until the late afternoon, although it feels like it. It’s actually with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Being honest, the only way to a happier day is to start it off in the right way, which means saying no to the one thing we all do every single morning. That’s right, in order to be happier, healthier, and get more done, you need to stop snoozing your alarm.

The health benefits are huge, and the impact it’ll have on your day is amazing! It takes literally 3 seconds to stop your alarm from going into snooze mode and get out of bed and it will make you so much happier and more energetic. Here are just a few reasons why you should stop hitting snooze right now.

1. Stop feeling sleepy in the morning

On my commute, I never really feel fully awake and I always wonder why? It even continues for my first hour in the office, where I don’t feel “ready” to tackle the day. I usually put it down to being overtired. But that’s not the real reason. The first time you hit snooze, your body is like ‘oh false alarm, we can go back to sleep’. When it goes off for the second time and even the third your body and brain are confused. Leaving you suffering from sleep inertia, which research shows can last from 2-4 hours explaining why you may feel so out of it in the morning!


2. Build a stronger immune system

Trust me when I tell you that going to bed at the same time every evening and waking up the same time every morning is the best thing you can do for your body! I get why this isn’t the easiest thing to do. Some nights you could be in the office until nine, or you want a late Friday night with the girls. But it is really important that you try and get into a routine. Otherwise, you’ll be vulnerable to other health issues like depression and weight gain. By not being in a routine your body is confused and doesn’t know when it should feel sleepy or awake. So, the reason why you’re snoozing is because you’ve been snoozing! Once you break the habit, your body will do this for you naturally.

3. Make yourself aware of the damage that hitting snooze can do

By hitting snooze repeatedly in the morning you inflict the part of the body that abuses your nervous system, which definitely is not good news! What you’re doing is alarming your heart every time you snooze, which means your heart is literally being shocked over and over again. By falling in and out of your deep sleep cycle you are actually doing more damage than you think. And if like me, you snooze numerous times through the week you are putting some serious strain on your heart, which can lead to heart disease in the future.


4. What is the best way to start your morning?

This is the golden question and one we’re all dying to know. We set our alarms early for a reason because we actually want to get up and be productive. But this, as we know, is said a lot easier than it’s done. Going to sleep early in the evening will save you a lot of stress in the morning and there is science behind it! Do you ever feel like your bed is too cozy and warm to get out of in the morning?

That’s because your body actually isn’t ready to wake up. When it is ready, it will start to raise your core temperature making you feel more alert. And this usually happens two hours before you’re set to wake up. But, if you’re not going to bed early enough for this then departing with your bed will be so much harder!


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