The Best Workout Plans To Try This Month



January sees gym memberships rise to an all-time high. Is your resolution to become healthier and stronger this year? Then you’re in luck because January is the most motivational month of them all. Save money on a gym membership and try these workout plans for women at home instead. Working out at home has so many benefits, as long as you stay motivated.

So, if you’re looking for some inspo to get you back on track, why not try these workout plans.


1. The Model Method 


Super trainer Hollie Grant launched The Model Method to help people become happier, healthier, and stronger. She motivates us because she’s a breath of fresh air and isn’t afraid to keep it real. The Model Method Online plan comes with tailored workout videos based on your goals, a luxury started pack, and expert advice and guidance to help you manage anxiety, build body confidence and get back on track.

It’s a shortcut to a healthier life, not a quick fix weight loss fad. I’ve loved it every time, it’s a gentle way to build strength and if you follow all the resources you find yourself being kinder to who you are and letting yourself off the hook. Find out more here.


2. Kayla Itsines BBG 


Kayla’s famous Bikini Body Guide is a get-in-shape plan for 12 weeks, but it’s the Instagram community that really sets this workout plan apart. If you engage and follow the hashtags, you’ll always have a community of fans cheering you on as you work on building a stronger, leaner body. It’s not going to be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

With the BBG plan, you get access to a 12-week guide with exercises and information for the duration. You can use this on a device or print out the workouts to look at beforehand. You can also buy a nutrition guide to help you stay on track. Kayla’s now even brought out an app, Sweat With Kayla. Find out more here.


3. Lean in 15 


Known for his eccentric presenting skills, lovable body coach Joe Wicks is just the motivational coach you need to take working out seriously. He believes not only in HIIT workouts but also in the value of eating right. His 90-day plan will teach you everything you need to know and walk you through every workout, so whether you’re a beginner or just want to take your workouts to the next-level, this is a must-try. Plus, if you need motivation, just look at the before and after photos!

If you don’t have much time available but want to stay fit and healthy, find out more about the plan here.


4. Body by Simone 


Maybe you’re not one for tough workouts, and prefer to blast some tunes and dance. Body By Simone is for you if you prefer a dance-based cardio workout. You can subscribe to BBS for around $15 a month, which is quite good value for money when you compare it to a gym membership.

You’ll get access to dance workouts that will make working out fun again, and they’re only 20 minutes long – meaning they’re perfect for girls on the go. Find the full plan here.


Are you trying any workout plans right now? Let me know if you’ve tried any that were amazing!



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