The Best Workouts To Start For Your Goals




We’re fifteen days into January, which means our goals are still going strong and we’re more determined than ever to meet the targets we’ve set for yourself. And if there’s one thing we’re always looking to improve it’s our bodies. We want quick but effective workouts that won’t only help shed a few pounds but make us feel more healthy and energetic. But, this time of year everybody flocks to the gym and it can get a little busy! So, why not try doing these best exercises at home:


1. Train like an angel

So, have you ever wondered how supermodels keep their amazing bodies? Now you don’t have to because you can train like a Victoria’s Secret Model and get a runway-worthy butt! And you can start your session off with a workout with Adriana Lima! Strengthen your core with this workout and gain some killer abs!

2. Ballet Beautiful

We all know that ballet is definitely not easy and it certainly takes some strength to pull off! This workout isn’t going to be easy, so if you’re looking for something that really works then give it a go! This ballet-inspired exercise will really workout your whole body that will challenge your core and burn calories! But if Gigi Hadid can do it, so can you!

3. The Bar Method

Loads of celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Dakota Fanning love this workout. It’s super effective as it mixes a lot of different workouts into one. Expect to do a bit of ballet, yoga, weight training, dancing, and pilates! It will make your body leaner and tighter! Who can complain? And because prices for these classes get a little pricey you can give it a go at home with a bar of course!

4. Piloxing 

Ok, so this different workout is all about combining boxing and pilates! Celebs like Hilary Duff and Alexis Bledel swear by it. And by looking at their bodies I think giving it a go is a must! It gets even better… this powerful exercise can burn up to 900 calories per session! Yes, 900 calories!! Hands up if you’re definitely going to try it now?

5. DanceBody

Who doesn’t want dancer abs? And plus, I like my workouts to be a bit fun, so including a bit of dancing included is a good way to release those endorphins and enjoy yourself too. And cardio is a really good way to increase your heart rate and burn calories fast! It will make sure that you’re moving your whole body, which has so many benefits for your health.



6. Bikram Yoga

Demi Moore is a massive fan of Bikram Yoga! But what is it? It’s yoga done in a room that is heated to at least 105 degrees! Now, this may not be an easy one to do in your living room but you can adjust the heat or get creative! The effect will remove impurities from your body and help you get into shape!

7. Bosu Balance Trainer

Step up your fitness game with this tool! It’s supposed to help improve balance and strength. And trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks! But it’s an effective workout that will definitely leave you feeling a little bit sweaty afterward. Make sure to do these workouts in short bursts every day to see the true effects!


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