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3 Inspiring Lessons From Senior Vice President Beth Comstock


”Be good at what you do, clear about your aspirations and develop the areas that are holding you back.”

Beth Comstock is the master of corporate storytelling and with a very impressive CV, she worked her way up and is now the Senior Vice President and CMO of GE. Early in her career she put a lot of pressure on herself to come up with ideas because she knew that thinking was a big part of being a leader. She realized afterwards that her ideas weren’t actually that good and that coming up with great ideas is better when brainstormed in a team than by yourself.

Comstock is part of the Lean-In community here are some amazing lessons for career girls that we can all use on our personal road to success:

#1 Know you strengths

Nobody knows your strengths better than you yourself. Don’t wait around to be asked what you’re bringing to the table, be assertive and let them know by putting your skills to the forefront, saving the best till last is not always the best idea.

#2 Be clear about your aspirations

Know the weaknesses that you need to develop, as well as your strengths and restrictions. It is okay that you’re not passionate about certain aspects or that you have flaws in your knowledge. Sometimes it’s better to delegate than to keep focusing on aspects that you are not good at. Develop your weaknesses and improve the areas that are holding you back from progress and excelling in your career.

#3 You are the boss

You are the one responsible for your career and steering the wheel. Of course, there are always factors that could determine your success such as timing and hard work, and other people also play an important role in creating opportunities. But apart from that all, it is you that has to do it all. It is about being good at what you do, your aspirations and developing the areas that are holding you back.

If you need more inspiring lessons check out Angelina Jolie or smash hit writer Gillian Flynn.

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