5 Failures That Led Me To Where I Am Today

CGD was created just 7 months ago by Celina and Lois, and I joined shortly after as the only writer on the team! Since we’ve been nominated for the Bloglovin’ Awards 2015 we think it would be fun to write more about our own experiences and really get to know each other. Us as a team but also you girls, our loyal readers who visit our site regularly. So from now on the CGD girls will write a weekly column sharing their experiences.

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I feel like I know a lot of you, having replied to comments and seen a lot of the things you’re into, but I guess you only know me as the disembodied voice you’ve been reading for seven months, so it’s so nice to be able to connect with you all and talk a little bit about me. I’ve decided to start off by writing about five failures that I’ve gone through that led me to where I am today, it was so hard to choose just five, believe me, there are so many more!

#1 A failure to account for the unexpected

When I embarked on the journey to University in 2010, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, I had no idea about the world. I bought spaghetti hoops and baked beans for nourishment and didn’t know the first thing about saving money, all I knew was that getting low on money meant my Mum would bail me out. A month into my degree she died unexpectedly, and the penny suddenly dropped that I was supposed to be finding my independence. Too little, too late. Her death was an important part of my life and I’m sure people think I bang on about it, but actually, losing my mum taught me to be strong, and to always be positive and have fun. I didn’t let her death hold me back and carried on looking forward and focusing on having the time of my life, supported by my family and friends.

#2 A failed personal project

I created a digital magazine in an effort to reach out to all the people who, like me, were aspiring writers, artists and photographers but had no companies or brands willing to hire them. I had just finished working at a national magazine and I was so excited to use inDesign and create my own little project. I emailed contributors, designed the front cover, wrote the content and got upwards of 80,000 views by the second issue before I decided it was too much work for one woman. I slowly started to get bored by the idea of putting it together by myself, even if the stories that people were sending me were amazing. But once the seed of doubt was there I abandoned the project and could never find the motivation to start it again. It taught me tonnes of transferable skills, though, like how to use inDesign and email etiquette.

#3 A failed friendship (or two)

Failed friendships have hit me quite hard in the past. I left my little Cathedral city for Bristol to study and then left Bristol to move to London as there were more opportunities for writers there. Each time I moved I lost connection with one or two more people, and I made a vow to make sure I wasn’t the problem, so I would always ask people to meet up only to be turned down or met with excuses. I could tell that friendships were failing around me and it made me feel quite lonely, especially when I moved to London permanently and had no friends here. But I realised that it’s more important to hang on to the friendships that matter and not take failed friendships personally. I was lonely for a while but knew I had my squad in a Whatsapp group or on the phone if I needed anything. Life gets busy and you just have to keep looking forward.

#4 Being rejected from my Masters

I interviewed for a Masters in Creative Writing shortly before I joined CGD, and I thought it was going well. When the course leader asked me what I’d been reading recently my mind just went completely blank, even though it was the easiest question in the world, and I had prepared for it. I scrambled through my stuff looking for my kindle so I could read the titles to her, but I think the damage was already done. She was lovely about it and asked me to apply the following year, but the failure knocked me back quite a bit and I decided I wasn’t sure if I could go back to essays again.

#5 Staying stubborn

I’m quite stubborn and I don’t take advice if I don’t believe in it. So when people tried to convince me that writing was a stupid career choice I ignored them, even if it made me feel a little insecure. When all the writing work I could get was voluntary, I went for it wholeheartedly even when people told me I was being stupid and I needed money to live on, I even did a week as a teaching assistant to see whether I could just keep writing as a hobby, but I knew the answer was no.

After a particularly mad New Year, I decided to be fearless in 2015, and in January I stumbled upon Career Girl Daily while browsing Reddit. I sent an enquiry email to the girls, met them for an interview and the rest is history! Now I’m the Managing Editor and I get to help the girls with this amazing site and all those failures are just an echo of the past. If you stay dedicated and believe in yourself anything really is possible, and you never know what could fall in your lap! Talk to me in the comments below and share your failures with us and what you’ve learned from them.

Also, it would mean so much to all of us if you could vote for us to win Best Life Improvement blog in the Bloglovin’ Awards.

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  1. That’s living proof that staying strong during the difficult times pays off in the end! I always look forward to reading CGD posts and will be voting for you girls :)

  2. Hi Cheryl!! Thank you so much, you’re so right but in the middle of it all it’s hard to remember that something will come along and reward your persistence! :) xxx

  3. Hello Beth, I like what you have written about yourself now and in you past, I want to wish you the best of look in your career, Well done you for being were your at. We loves yar, Gary & Ava.xx

  4. Hey Gary, thanks so much! :) It’s certainly been a journey! Miss you both will let you know when I can come visit. xxxxxx P.S say hi to ava-quaver from me! xx

  5. Thanks so much! I think a lot of people are tempted just to say that life has always been perfect and there were no struggles involved, but life is never 100% predictable or perfect so it’s been cool to share the journey I’ve been on and how failure actually goes hand-in-hand with success! :) xxx

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