The Biggest Myths About Hydration Busted


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We are definitely no strangers to the instruction of drinking at least 2 litres of water a day for optimum health. But do we really know why? With our idols (looking at you Jennifer Anniston) swearing by the myth, we happily comply, but should we really believe all the wonderful benefits that we hear? Here are six big myths that you should know about:


You must drink 2 litres a day:
Often we hear a fact like this and take it to be the absolute truth. In reality, each individual person requires a different amount of water so this number holds no truth to it. You could require more or less than this amount each day.

Being thirsty does not mean you are dehydrated:
Whilst a desire to drink can be a good indicator that your body needs liquid, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are at low levels of hydration. Thirst can be mental (you might just be craving the sugar in your go-to Starbucks order!), but it should still be taken seriously to avoid dehydration gradually developing.

You can never have too much water:
Whilst you may think if the celebs are drinking a lot and have flawless skin from doing so, drowning yourself in litres of water is not a safe thing to do. While it may be true that water flushes the unwanted salt in your body, you do need some sodium to survive.

Water is a free way to detox:
Water does help cleanse, but it won’t have the miraculous results you desire. In other words, a night of heavy drinking and bad food cannot be washed away with water (if only!). It is good for helping with removing some toxins, though, so don’t throw away the water bottle just yet.

Water is the best drink to keep you hydrated:
Usually, pure is best. Water might be the healthiest way to stay hydrated each day, but flavoured water (like those energy drinks we are taught to be petrified of) can be really beneficial to restore you after a hard-core workout.

Caffeine will make you dehydrated:
It’s a myth we may refuse to believe (there’s no way we are giving up our morning coffee), but research shows that you might not have to. Whilst coffee may make you pee less if it’s is a staple to your day (of course it is) it’s likely that your body is used to it and the effect will be minimal.

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  • Cristina

    I feel so relieved that I don’t have to force myself into drinking 2 liters of water per day anymore! <3


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