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As loyal CGD readers, we are giving you a chance to win this box. To enter, put your email in the form below and leave a comment when you’re done. We will announce the winners on Black Friday! 

Something exciting is happening right now at CGD London, we’ve designed something top secret that’s launching only this Black Friday. Just in time for Christmas, this mysterious box is filled with incredible things that will make 2018 your year and help you get things done. There will only be 150 available and they will ship as soon as you buy them so you will get them in time for Christmas.


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  1. Looking forward to 2018. I just changed my job, moved from TN to TX and I’m ready to get this 2018 party started!

  2. I already love the named of the box. Gettng Things Done, I’m sure they are going to be some awesome stuff in that box!

  3. Most of my family is from Tennessee and Arkansas. I’ve been a Dallas girl since I was 2. Hope you love it here as much as I do!

  4. So far (three weeks in) we’re loving it. Cost of living is more favorable, weather is freaking fantastic – 90 in November, pool still open and riding top down in the car and so much to do.

  5. Getting Things Done, yup that’s exactly the kind of boost I need for a brighter and more productive New Year! Fingers crossed Xx

  6. 2018 is My Year! I’ve already ordered my planner and am diligently preparing (ie. – decluttering my spaces and my mind) and actually feeling butterflies as I move through this prep time! :)

  7. I’m excited about the secret launch. I could use it to get things done with 4 busy kids, career and and the all other schedules and happenings in LIFE!

  8. Love CDD… as a female girlboss with 3 businesses, i love to follow, connect and see every single badass woman supporting and working on building their dreams. No one said it was going to be easy but with faith, self love, self belief we can conquer the world. Caroline x

  9. How exciting! Sounds like the perfect way to kick start my first full year as a career gal in London with a solid POA (as well as PMA, of course ;-)) M x

  10. Cannot wait for 2018!
    I hope it is a pleasant year for everyone, may all your dreams come true and hopefully the world will be a bit more peaceful than it is right now x

  11. Let me share with you my motto of the day: “You have to overcome the temptation to fill any void.” And who could have said this if not adorable Jil Sander who´s lifework now can be visited in a big solo-exhibition in the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.

  12. Any career girls around OK, TX or TN who are working in the civil engineering field? I am an international student from Peru looking to join an awesome construction team for an internship over the summer!

  13. Me! I’ve been working full time night shifts to fund my own business & studies, in July I finally graduated from LCF & continued to work & build my empire! Tonight as this email came through I am preparing to work my final night shift & celebrate getting some normality back by embarking on being solely self employed! I’m sure the risk is worth it & 2018 will be my year! ?

    Fingers crossed this box will help me become super productive ?

  14. I recently started a new job with more responsibility. I am ready to start conquering all of these in the most efficient way :)

  15. I‘m so exicited about the Box and what‘s inside – planning ahead is a great thing to do to start a new year – a new chapter in live

  16. This is exciting!!! I was just looking at the “Getting Things Done” Planner while sitting in Starbucks trying to plan my transition from NY to LA along with a new career venture. I would be blessed to win the CGD London Mystery Box!!! Either way, I am going to do my part and 2018 is going to be so DOPE!

  17. I recently moved cities too! But up here in Canada. New city, new man – and here’s hoping a new productivity in my life!

  18. All done. Hopefully a new start for my professional life next year and a jump start for 2018 would be lovely.

  19. Huge fan of CGD- what an amazing offer!! Will we find out before Black Friday because if I don’t win I’d love to buy it! :-) xx

  20. Yaaassss I need 2018 to be my year!! Please I pray to the CGD gods that 2018 will be a good productive and positive year for us all!! ?? ?? ✨ ?
    Very excited for this secret box ? xx

  21. I also would LOVE to be a winner of this awesome mystery surprise! Or able to purchase it if not. I need 2018 to be a great one!

  22. So excited for 2018! Looking back at 2017 I can´t believe how much this blog helped me! I was finally able to start an organized and FREE life!!! Thank you soooo much!
    I´m more than thrilled to find out about the content of this box :)

  23. Weirdly I only like even numbers so 2018 better be good. With a stressful front line job i’ m aiming to pamper myself a lot more next year….fingers crossed xxxx

  24. 2018 is gonna be full of huge changes for me but I’m so excited about this new life I’m embarking on with my new man who means the absolute world to me, and I feel I’m finally ready to start my own business! Bring on 2018 and I need one of these planners to help me get started!! :)

  25. To get a box of goodies to help focus and bring out the best qualities in me and make them shine so bright in 2018 would be the best.

  26. Looking forward to seeing what it is for the lucky winner! I’m going to be trying hard to make 2018 my year ✊?? x

  27. This year has been a roller coaster and a nightmare. I am ready for a new year with new beginnings. I have entered.

  28. 2017 was a rocky year but things are definitely looking up going into the new year. Can’t wait for it to get here!

  29. Each year we all say that we will change and that next year will be better. But now it’s time to stick to that with help and support from everyone

  30. Power through 2017 and pushing further on 2018. Thank you CGD for the guidance. 2017 has been awesome thanks to you!

  31. Omg i am so exited! I loveee reading CGD and already bought your book which I loveee as well!!
    Thank you for this opportunity, much love
    Danin xx

  32. I’ve just discovered CGD and am loving the blog! Moving to HK in 2018 and excited to start up my own whilst i’m there so keep the inspiration coming :)

  33. 2017 has been tougher than expected but I’m not about to give up. 2018 will be a thriving year for me and for you.

  34. Just joined a small business that I want to help succeed, and using as many tools as possible to keep me positive, motivated and excited along the way when times get stressful. CGD is definitely one of these!

  35. Wow! i am really excited to see what’s in there! I follow you from Mexico City and I really need to get organized living in this city!

  36. Can’t wait to find out what’s in the box! Lord knows I’ll need these 2018 goodies to get through some big life changes coming up!

  37. For starters, CONGRATS! I think it’s safe to say, we’re all super excited for the big reveal. Here’s to a successful, mindful, & more organised 2018! Cheers!

  38. OMG I’ve following you for so long! And I’m a freakin enthusiast for your content, book and planner!!! So excited abou this! Please be good to me! I’m a young portuguese woman with the dream to open up my own business within two to three years tops!!!!! I need this badly!

  39. Signed up and super excited!! Everything you guys make it so perfect. 2017 was all about growth, hard work, and setting things up to realize some big dreams – pretty excited to make everything a reality in 2018!

  40. I hope all the CGD team and readers have a fabulous Christmas and an incredibly happy and successful 2018. Looking forward to a New Year with new dreams, visions & plans realised. Here’s to focus, patience and belief in ourselves X

  41. Hey beauties ? Just entered and wanted to show some love as I’m a Cruelty Free Influencer and am over the moon that your new Get Things Done diary is vegan leather!!! Well done! You’ve gained a new No1 fan ??????
    Love by,
    JK xx

  42. CDG always keeping me guessing. Can’t wait! Just entered the competition. Curiosity peeked! 2018 bring it on!!!

  43. I love surprises! I also can’t believe Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting so close. I’d better get myself organized, pronto!

  44. Can’t wait to see the surprise! Having Christmas and 2018 just around the corner, is good motivation to get organised.

  45. Looking forward and already planning for 2018!! I graduate with my masters in March and can’t wait to start in a new city and new job adventure!

  46. Hi CGD. I always read your blogs. Just ordered your Getting Started Planner and I’m from the Philippines (so excited!) I’d like to buy The Ultimate Blog Plan too someday. Cheers!

  47. So many big changes are coming up. So it will be so helpful with this box….So many big changes are coming up. So it will be so helpful with this box….

  48. In the middle of a restructure just now and looking forward to starting something new in the New Year. Good Luck to everyone who enters :-)

  49. So excited to see what new things CGD are launching i’m in love with everything else so far ? Hoping to strive for more motivation and success in 2018 with CGD by my side!

  50. I love surprises! And based on the description all the things in this box are right up my alley. I’m ready to make 2018 the best year ever :D

  51. Working at Uber requires me to stay focused and organised at all times, so might need a little help with the CGD planner! can’t wait to see what’s inside the box :D

  52. After a promotion and the busiest year of my life, I’m excited to start 2018 with positivity, energy and a plan!

  53. Lots happening in 2018, and this sounds like it could help keep me on track. Sounds like a great prize; thank you for the opportunity.

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