Blake Lively Has A Message For Women About The Election

photo: Trunk Xu for Harper’s Bazaar China


In the wake of this year’s presidential election results, various women in the public eye, including Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson, have offered words of encouragement and advice to women all over the United States and the world.

Blake Lively has recently become the latest public figure to reach out to potentially disheartened young women and shared some real words of wisdom with us all.

Making her first appearance since giving birth to her second daughter, Blake Lively took to the red carpet to attend the L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth celebration, where she was asked what advice she would give to her daughters and other discouraged young women following the US election results.

Speaking to, Lively humorously began by saying “Well, they don’t understand anything yet so keep your hand out of the cookie jar right now is the advice”. She later went on to state “But you know, just to use your voice. Don’t let anybody silence you, ever, and it’s about spreading love, you know? Because that’s the easy thing to do right now, is to say—women, you get angry or you get upset or you get hurt and you want to lash out, but what we’re combatting is hate. So it’s about spreading love and using your voice.”

Noting the significance of role models in challenging times, Lively said “You just have to set an example, you know? It’s so important”. She added, “In times like this you can either curl up and be really depressed about the state of communities that are underserved, or you can set that example for your children. You just have to figure out how; that’s the hardest thing. If somebody just had a playbook and they said, ‘this is what do,’ but it’s about making that extra bit of effort.”

Lively has been known to champion the rights of women, she has previously taken to Instagram to remind electorates to vote by posting an image which reinforces the developments that need to be made in the position of women in society.

We admire Blake Lively for fuelling the discussion surrounding women’s empowerment, what are your thoughts?


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  1. She’s such an inspiration, beautiful inside and out.
    – Charmaine

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