Why Your Blog Needs To Tell A Great Story

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I went to a dinner this week where the guests were mainly bloggers, and so as we sampled the fine cuisine, we also chatted about our blogs and their strengths and weaknesses. The funny thing is, people were looking to me for advice about blog growth and I wasn’t really sure what to say. But I’ve had a sit-down and a think about everything I’ve learned from Career Girl Daily – and talking to some really influential bloggers like Fleur de Force and Ruth Crilly and I’ve decided it’s all about the story you tell.

Here’s why you need a great story to build a great blog.

1. Your story defines you 
There are hundreds of fashion bloggers out there, but think of the successful ones – they have something different. They are the plus-size bloggers, the daring fashionistas, the ex-lawyers, the purple-haired ones. The girls who weave their story into their fashion posts and don’t just say, ‘This is what I wore today.’ With your blog, you should spend some time thinking about what your tagline will be, and how that shows your readers your personality and your story.

2. Your story will draw readers to you 
Yep, it is all about social media and great content, but you need to be likable too. Part of creating a likable blog (besides the design!) is your About Me page. Your story there will draw people to you. An example of great About Me text can be found on Zoe Foster Blake’s website, the first line reads ‘Zoë Foster Blake (nee Zoë Foster) is widely known as the pie eating champion of Australia. Also she is known to lie about things she is known for, so you should probably disregard that.’ Great storytelling!

3. Storytelling ties your brand together 
From social media to your Instagram feed, you need visual storytelling as well as content storytelling to create a great brand. Think of your favorite Instagram feed, it’s cohesive, right? And it matches the vibe of the website or blog it’s directing you to. It’s all about storytelling!

How to tell a story in your blog in 3 steps:

1. Think of five things that make you different from everybody else.

If your blog is already a ‘niche’ and there’s nobody else doing it like you, you’re on the right track. If not, write down how you can do things differently.

2. Work on your ‘About Me’ page and figure out what message you want to send out about yourself and your ‘brand’.
Ask your friends and family to describe you in a few words and use them in your page – it’s hard to write about yourself so let someone else do it.

3. Make a Pinterest board that really ‘gets’ you and your brand and make it secret!
It’s invaluable. Everything that you want your blog to look, sound and feel like should go in there and you should always have it open when you’re taking photos or writing posts. Eventually, you won’t need it, because you will be able to identify the right themes and content easily!

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  1. So inspiring and true! The Blogs I read the most, always have a personal touch to it. I think it is really important to reveal a Little bit of the personal life to create a Connection between Blogger and her Readers. xx Ana http://www.disasterdiary.de

  2. This is such great advice for a new blogger! I will definitely be keeping your tips in mind.

  3. This is great advice! I especially love the Pinterest board that really portrays your brand. Thanks for sharing this!

    The Modern Alice

  4. Great post – I feel like sometimes I share a bit too much of my personality and get worried people will think I’m a bit of a weirdo haha. But then I know we are all different and don’t worry about that anymore. I love reading the honest blog posts so this is great advice. ☺

  5. Super post: the advice is very good and different from the one you usually find online. The personal touch is the most important aspect, because they make what you write more real and readers can relate to it!



  6. Thanks for sharing these tips! Now that I’ll soon be finishing the semester, I really plan on improving my blog :)


  7. Thanks for these tips! Will practice these!


  8. I love the secret Pinterest board tip. That’s such a great idea. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  9. Loved this post! I definitely feel like it can be hard to stand out sometimes!


  10. Just had this convo last week – this is an excellent tutorial and so needed to improve my blog. I have downloaded it to read again and again. Thanks! Sandra

  11. This is great advice. I’ve been working on weaving stories into my blog for this reason…it’s a bit more challenging than I thought to make the story relevant all the time, but I know I’ll get better with practice.


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