Why Bloggers Who Do Things Differently Are More Successful

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Becoming a successful blogger is as much about what you do as it is how you do it. The blogs that are memorable are often different. They stand out, have something different to offer and inspire us.

Bloggers who do things differently are more successful because they make a lasting impression. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to make sure you’re doing things differently and innovating your area.

They stock up on inspiration:

Take ideas but never copy. You can find inspiration anywhere, from non-fiction books to movies. Take a walk around inspiring places and make notes. How will your blog be different? Compare yourself to other blogs, if your images, theme, voice and content are all exactly the same why would someone choose yours over any other blog?

They know how to create a theme that reflects their brand:

Now you can use sites like Unsplash to find the perfect photo for your blog, but what’s going to make it different? You can edit photos and add text to make them cohesive with your theme and brand. Most fashion blogs are minimalistic and clean, but what if you made one that was bright and vibrant?

They aren’t afraid to show their true selves:

Some of the best blogs out there are good because they show who the writer truly is. Whether it’s through weird and wonderful selfies or your writing voice. You will find your readers if you don’t hold back who you truly are.

They aren’t shy about their blog:

Don’t be shy on social media, replying to comments or on video. Some of the most successful bloggers have just put themselves out there and managed to find their tribe. What makes you different makes you unique, and it’s 100% marketable.

They attract innovators:

By being different and innovative they attract like-minded people which opens up all kinds of opportunities. Start small with the plan to grow your blog into something sustainable and stay true to yourself!


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