How To Apply Blush Correctly Every Single Time


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Back when I first started applying makeup, I remember all I would ever read was to apply your blush on the apples of the cheeks.

However, after studying a degree in makeup artistry, I’ve learned that this actually isn’t flattering on most face shapes. And just like eye makeup, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. You should take a more personalized approach when it comes to your blush placement. We all have different shaped faces after all!

Generally speaking, the traditional apple of the cheek placement can result in a dragged down effect. The complete opposite of the uplifted, radiant look you want your blush to create. It’s a common mistake to apply the color too low down, or close to the centre of the face. Neither of which are particularly flattering and definitely a big no-no for ageing faces!

So where should you be applying your color? A top tip is to blend upwards, instead of downwards. Make the first point of contact on your face the lowest point you want your blush to go, and softly blend upwards in sweeping strokes. Too much buffing action can move your foundation and cause a blotchy effect.

If Your Face Shape Is… Round

Round faced girls can add structure by starting your color just above the apple, and blending upwards towards the cheekbones. This placement detracts the attention from the lower cheek area (usually the roundest part of the face) and lifts and sculpts the features.

If Your Face Shape Is… Square

To flatter a square jawline, apply your blush in a linear sweep – this will help to broaden the cheek area, creating the impression of a narrower jaw. Just be careful not to start the color too close to your nose!

If Your Face Shape Is… Oval

Out of all the face shapes, the symmetry of an oval face is the best suited to pull of the traditional apple of the cheek method. However, remember to always blend your color upwards instead of in a circular spot on the cheek – this can look seriously doll-like and unnatural. Remember you’re trying to mimic a natural flush… and no one blushes in a naturally perfect circle after all!


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  • Camille Beygui

    Great post ! Thanks for sharing

  • Jessy Ferreira

    great tips :) my face is oval so I’m definitely going to see if I already do this hehe

    Xoxo Jessy

  • Leah Rose

    Blush is a surprisingly hard thing to get right! I always sweep up with my contour.

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