These Body Language Tips Will Make You Instantly More Confident


We all have those days when we’re not feeling 100% but we need to be on top form. Maybe you have an important meeting or a hot date! How do you kill the bad vibes and get your mojo back?

My body language definitely says a lot about me. When I’m stressed, my posture is terrible and I’m constantly fidgeting. It matches my general nervous energy and anxiety! But sometimes I know I need to pull out all the stops and exude as much calm confidence as possible.

Here are our favorite tips for making sure your body language says only the best things about you:

Stretch, Breathe, and Relax.

Take a moment to notice your body language when stressed or nervous. Often, our entire bodies tense up without us even noticing! It’s like our whole bodies are pulled taut inwards towards the stress in our chests. So pause and do the following to ease off the tension: stretch your entire body, taking deep breaths into every stretch, and allow your whole body to gradually relax.

Stand Tall To Feel Tall.

There’s a reason our moms were always going on about our posture. Hunching over could suggest insecurities or tiredness. Roll your shoulders back and lift your entire body up! Take up all the space your body can, it deserves every inch of it. Having good posture will immediately suggest, “She’s got this!”.

Lift Your Chin.

Looking down is another no-no. Hiding your face from the world can definitely give off the wrong impression. Mainly because you’re not giving any impression at all if people can’t read your facial expression! Lifting your chin and looking up shows you’re open and have nothing to hide.

Steady Your Hands.

I’m a chronic fidgeter – crossing/uncrossing my legs, fiddling with my jewelry or clothes, shifting from side to side … It doesn’t say “cool, calm, and collected” at all! When I really need to give off the best impressions, I try to pay attention to these tiny movements that are a dead giveaway of my anxiety and nerves. Sit up and try to stay still! Find the position most comfortable for you and stick to it.

Check Where You’re Looking.

Avoiding someone’s eyes when you’re talking with them can often seem shifty and make everyone feel uncomfortable. So make the effort to make eye contact! Try to make eye contact at least once every time the other person is talking. That way they can be sure you’re listening to them!

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  1. Such useful advice – gonna try these out at work tomorrow. Thank you

    – Natalie

  2. Thanks for these tips, especially “stand tall” because I have the worst body posture ever!

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