7 Books That Will Make You Smarter

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Every so often you want to read a book that actually teaches you something, we’re not talking about school textbooks or A Brief History of Time, although both are good if you really want to learn, but those engaging reads that impart wisdom without making you feel like you’re back in school, and without making your brain hurt! These seven books will teach you skills from how to stay safe in scary situations to how to grow your own lettuce!


1. The Ultimate Blog Plan


The Ultimate Blog Plan Available Here.

Whether you’re an online business owner, a blogger or a digital influencer, this book will teach you things you definitely don’t know about using a blog to become successful. It contains workbook exercises to help you figure out your own goals, plus the tools and tips we use for everything from sending thousands of emails to getting expert quotes for stories. You’ll also learn about building media kits, working with brands, and making money from day one! Buy it here.


2. How To Grow by Hollie Newton 


How To Grow Available Here.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a whole garden, or just want to grow your own herbs in your kitchen, this book is my go-to. It has handy charts so you know when to plant everything, how to harvest everything, homemade bug sprays, and recipes for the food you’ve grown yourself. I was shocked at just how easy it is to become a gardener! Buy it here.


3. The Creative Writing Coursebook 


The Creative Writing Coursebook Available Here.

Everybody has a book in them, getting it out is the difficult part. It requires dedication, getting up early in the morning and forcing yourself to put pen to paper. In an ideal world, we’d all have time to write the next bestseller, this book will help you make the time for it. It’s basically a creative writing course in a book, and each exercise will get you one step closer to writing a masterpiece! Buy it here. 


4. The Anxiety Solution by Chloe Brotheridge


The Anxiety Solution Available Here.

Anxiety and stress are rife at the moment. Our generation is seriously anxious, so we need to manage those feelings effectively. This book will help you combat anxiety and stress before it hits, give you small sayings to help calm yourself down and works from the author’s real experiences. This will help you learn to create peace of mind and stop trying to control everything. Buy it here.


5. Work Smarter: Live Better by Cyril Peupion

Work Smarter Live Better Available Here.

We all work, day after day, harder and harder. It’s why burnouts and anxiety are rife. This book will stop all that, it’ll teach you how to work smarter, how to organize your workspace for success, and how to transform your life. The best thing about it is, once you read it, you’ll probably never fall back into old habits. You’ll love these easy systems that make life so much easier. Buy it here.


6. Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes 


Pretty Honest Available Here.

Don’t know the difference between hyaluronic and salicylic acid? Are there too many products on the shelves to choose from? Do you have no idea what skin type you have? This book by Sali Hughes busts all the beauty myths and tells you exactly what to use, and when, where, and how. It’s a no-nonsense approach to beauty that will change the way you look at the humble makeup bag. Buy it here. 


7. The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker


The Gift Of Fear Available Here.

Every woman should read this book. Gavin de Becker is a specialist in security issues for governments, public figures, and large corporations. He has dealt with many threats in his time, and this book tells some of the scary situations he’s handled, plus the advice and strategies he suggests to help keep you safe. He strongly believes in trusting your intuition and identifies many ways to tell if someone means you harm, share this book with all your friends. It might just save a life! Buy it here.


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