Smash Your Goals: 5 Inspiring Books To Kickstart 2018



With 2018 on the horizon it’s the time to start thinking about how we can kickstart our year. And a new year can be daunting. It means that it’s the time to start reflecting on the old so we welcome the new. For many of us, come December thirty-first, we’re not quite ready to herald in the new year! But let’s not allow this to happen in 2018!

And it can be easy! All you have to do to get ahead is to start with some easy reading, so you can enter this new chapter of your life fully prepared for its demands and remove the excess worry. So, want to know how you can kickstart the new year? Read these five self-help books:


1. Achieve all your goals for the year:

CGD London Make Things Happen Planner available here

Our very own brand new Make Things Happen has everything you need to hit the ground running in 2018. Exclusively designed by Career experts in London, it’s the easy way to reach any goal you put your mind to in the new year! It’s a twelve-month plan tailored to you that has everything you need to make things happen in 2018.

And we all know we want to make things happen! With in-depth advice and exercises, as well as calendar overviews for the entire month, you can easily remain organized and on track in style. It’s so much more than just a planner! Buy it here.

2. Become body positive:



The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells available here

If you’ve ever felt insecure about your body or struggled with diets, weight and even body image then this book is one for you. I think at one point, we’ve all had a hard time with how we look and we always try to go above and beyond to amend these insecurities.

But, Melissa Wells will quite literally help you make peace with food and to fall back in love with yourself again. So, if you’re wanting to start the new year full of positivity then I would definitely recommend starting with The Goddess Revolution. Buy it here.


3. The solution you need for stress and anxiety:

The Anxiety Solution by Chloe Brotheridge available here

The ultimate guide to becoming a calmer and happier you this 2018! Therapist Chloe Brotheridge has already helped thousands of women to overcome fear and stress! Written around her own personal experiences she provides the latest scientific research to help find a solution for our anxiety.

It will provide you with simple and powerful skills to help you to manage your own stresses, encouraging you to feel better every day! Packed full of meditation tips, breathing exercises, a self-care diary and so much more, it will guide you through easy, practical methods to minimize anxiety! Meaning, getting back on track in 2018 is a lot easier than you think! Buy it here.


4. Be empowered:

Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba available here

This bestseller has been on our radar now for a long time. This little not so black book is the modern day career guide that you’ve been needing. If you are a woman who defines herself as creative then this workbook will be very useful to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning your career, switching paths or been in the game a long time – this book will give you that no bullsh*t practical advice you really, really need! Buy it here.


5. To feel more positive in everyday life:

Think Happy available here

This inspirational book is filled with pep talks and wisdom to keep you feeling positive, no matter what life throws your way! Happiness expert and Oprah columnist Salmansohn aims to boost your confidence, attitude, and mood in this collection of 50 inspirational inner messages, complete with uplifting illustrations.

Different than most affirmations, these pep talks are feisty, fun and memorable, helping to introduce and maintain positive thinking, that will hopefully lead to a more positive life.


 How are you kickstarting 2018? Let us know in the comments below…



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  1. I decided to wait until tomorrow morning to wish happy new year to people who were not with me so as to share a real felling with those I am spending this night with!!!

  2. The Anxiety Solution is a real helper! And the Little Black Book will really motivate you! Glad you liked it!

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