The Best Books To Read If You Want To Have A Great Week

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I can sometimes find myself feeling unmotivated and uninspired. It’s at times like these that I need a serious dose of motivation. And I always find that motivation in other people’s stories. I’m always looking for books to read before work that will inspire me to go for it. Whether it’s been written by a successful woman or someone with an abundance of optimism that can motivate me. I love to be inspired by books.

That’s why I created this list, of the very few books that can seriously enlighten me before I get up for work on a Monday and help me feel positive, empowered, and inspired. If you’re planning your week right now, get one of these books and do yourself a favor, read just one chapter. You’ll be thanking me by the end of the week.

1. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear 

Big Magic available here.


I recently read this book, so I can confidently say that it’s a must-read if you’ve been feeling a bit uninspired. Being a creative person myself, it was incredibly inspiring and motivating to read the honest and realistic advice of a woman who has done so well in her field. You may not be after a creative career yourself but nevertheless, Gilbert’s life lessons are still just as valuable.

This book addresses creativity in a greater sense, from a perspective of practical spirituality, which will come as no surprise if you’ve read Gilbert’s other well-known book Eat, Pray, Love. It’ll change the way you think about being creative and business-minded and will give you some much-needed inspiration! Buy it here.


2. Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges 

Presence available here

Following her incredibly popular TED talk entitled ‘Your Body Shapes Who You Are’, Amy Cuddy has come out with this fabulous book. Presence is a book written to help you go further in life and in your career by simply understanding the importance of body language and mindset.

After all, posture, eye contact, and a firm handshake are not just reserved for the initial job interview. By applying her methods into your everyday life, you can expect to see a great difference in the way people react to you, and you’ll feel far more confident too. This is a book any career girl will want on her shelf! Buy it here.


3. Get Your Sh*t Together

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck available here.

If you’ve read Knight’s other book The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck, then you’ll know that she loves to write in an almost tongue-in-cheek fashion. She’s a bit of an anti-guru so she’ll tell it like it is and give you a fresh perspective. In this book, she’ll explain how to actually get your life together, from smashing your fitness goals to stepping it up and getting what you want from life.

Learn how to balance life with work, save enough money to enjoy life and work on yourself, for yourself, by yourself. So that this week can be the start of the best version of yourself ever! Buy it here.


4. The Little Book of Lykke 

The Little Book of Lykke available here.

Want to have a happier week? The author of the little book of Hygge is ready to inspire you again with Danish lifestyle values. This time it’s all about the world’s happiest people and just how they stay happy. There are six factors in this book that make people happy, togetherness, money, health, freedom, trust, and kindness. Meik explains how you can adopt different elements from other happy cultures to become happier.

You’ll definitely start off the week on the right foot if you read this book, it’s all about being happy and healthy! Buy it here.


Which books have you read recently that have lifted your mood?


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  1. I definitely want to read the little book of lykke, I loved his hygge book and always looking for ways to add a little more happy into my life. I have the Get your sh*t together book sitting on my pile for ages and actually need to start reading it xx

  2. The Little Book of Lykke seems like a nice read! I love reading non-fiction books so the Sarah Knight might be on my ‘to read’ list!

  3. The little book of lykke sound so cute, I loved they hygge book so I know I’ll love that too!
    jen, velvet spring x

  4. Of the titles here, I am most interested with Presence, as feel it applies to every area of my personal and professional life. Thanks for the recommendations.

  5. I’ve seen that Get your shit together book everywhere! I’ve contemplated buying it so many times, I might have to pick it up next time.

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

  6. I would love to purchase and read all these days.. All seem relevant.. great choices .. Im a morning person and love self help books, I read sometimes 300 Po ages before 9am..Was my secret for happy days..!

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