Six Incredible Page-Turners You Need To Read Right Now


When was the last time you read a book you really couldn’t put down? I read a lot this year, stealing hours during my commute and at home on the couch to devour a different book. It’s important to me to read both fiction and non-fiction to broaden my mind. I’ve read some really good books this year (The Book of M by Peng Shepherd) and some not so good books (Notes On A Scandal). Books are subjective, everyone has different tastes of course, but this is the best time to sit down in amongst the quiet and finally have some space to read. Here are some of the best books of the moment and some of my favorites of this year so far. 


by Peng Shepherd


On the surface, the book of M is a post-apocalyptic book. It follows Ory and Max, a couple, trying to live in a world where shadows have disappeared. It turns out that shadows are pretty much crucial to life in general, and without shadows, the world goes to chaos. After Max loses her shadow and goes missing, Ory has to find her. This book follows their respective journey, with magic and heartbreak and shocking revelations. Buy it here.


by Adam Kay


This non-fiction book blew my mind this year. Adam Kay’s secret diaries of a junior doctor really opened up my eyes to what life in the NHS is like. With stories ranging from the hysterical to the heartbreaking, this book will really open up your eyes and make you think about what goes on when you walk inside a hospital. The conditions and issues that people go through really intrigued me, and just hearing about the strain on the staff made me think about what’s been in the headlines over the past year. Buy it here.


by Jojo Moyes



By now you’ve probably read Me Before You, most books that are turned into films become super popular if you haven’t – give it a chance. It might be romantic and a bit teary, but it’s definitely one to get stuck into. I fell in love with Louisa Clarke, the main character, and have to admit I pictured her completely differently to the Louisa that Emilia Clarke played (but still liked that nonetheless).

I have to admit, I turned the film off before the depressing parts, but I definitely read through the entire book. After you devour Me Before You, move on to the other two that Jojo Moyes has written in the series. Still Me is the third book, and follows Louisa’s journey into the world of the super rich, working for a family in New York.

In Still Me, she meets a man who reminds her a little bit of Will and has to ask herself if she knows who she really is, and how she’s going to keep her relationship with Sam alive, despite the distance between them. I think this is the perfect example of a nice, easy, warm kind of book. Find it here.


by Liane Moriarty 



Looking for a thrilling read? Liane Moriarty has done it again with this one. Nine perfect strangers meet up for ten days at a health resort that changes their lives forever. Without giving too much away, these nine strangers check into a resort to improve their lives and work on being their best selves. The resort’s director is willing to go to any lengths to get them to face their biggest fears and reveal things about themselves that they’d never known.

Liane Moriarty can definitely write, you’ll be hooked from the first line of this book. Every character has their own personal struggle to overcome, I found this book darkly funny and witty, with a few shocking twists thrown in that kept me going. Just wait until the end when things start falling into place. It’s crazy! Find it here.


by A.J. Finn



Imagine what it’s like to hardly ever leave your house, drink too much, and spy on the neighbors every day. That’s what Anna Fox does, and obviously, in true thriller style, she sees something she shouldn’t. She witnesses a woman being murdered and immediately throws herself into finding out exactly what happened.

This book reminded me of The Girl On The Train, it’s a good book if you fancy something a bit more suspenseful, you’ll be flicking from page to page to find out exactly what Anna witnessed and why she’s ended up the way she has. When Anna finds a photograph of herself sleeping on her phone, the threat becomes real and Anna needs to find out exactly what happened, and who has been murdered. Find the book here.


by Gail Honeyman



Sick of traditional romances? Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine is an award-winning debut and explores loneliness and isolation through Eleanor’s life. Eleanor is not really a typical girl. She lives alone, does the same things every single day, and doesn’t give a damn about fashion. Her colleagues make fun of her, a lot. But she doesn’t care, as long as she gets to come home, have her dinner, speak to her mother, and go to sleep. Eleanor believes she doesn’t need anything in her life until she meets Johnnie Lomond.

Johnnie is the singer of a band, and Eleanor falls in love with him. Completely. She believes they are destined to be together and undergoes a serious grooming process in order to impress him. At the same time, Eleanor is instrumental in saving an elderly man who collapsed in the street, during this event she meets Raymond Gibbons. A man so completely unsuited to her (in her mind) that their friendship surprises her.

What drives this book forward and makes it so different is the revelations about Eleanor that are uncovered gently throughout the book. You find out very slowly that something happened in her past, that her mother seems to be confined to an institution, she spent her childhood in foster care, and that at one point she lived with an abusive boyfriend. It all makes Eleanor infinitely more charming and makes this so worth reading! Find it here.



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