How To Bounce Back From A Failure Stronger Than Ever

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Everybody fails. Everybody makes mistakes. It’s human. BUT we are career girls so the important step is to bounce back from failures and mistakes and learn from them. That is what makes us different from everybody else.

#1 – Admit it 

First of all, you have to admit to yourself that you made a mistake otherwise you won’t be able to learn from it. I know it can be hard but if you don’t admit it you will make the same mistake over and over again

#2 – Analyse your failure

Most cases of failure didn’t spectacularly fail, they just snowballed into lots of little failures that created one big one. So it’s really important to figure out what you did wrong and improve those little things. Otherwise you might end up with a “screw it – whatever” mindset and start all over again, which is totally unnecessary and a waste of time.

#3 – Improve

After you’ve figured out what you did you have to fix it. It’s ok if you don’t know how to fix your mistakes, there are tons of possibilities for getting help and advice. You can ask your friends, parents or simply Google it (but don’t believe everything that comes up – you have to do some serious research!).

As this is all written pretty theoretically here is an example from my personal life.

Last summer, I participated in an exchange program to Australia, I loved it and got really inspired by how everybody was so ambitious. So I finally said to myself I’m going to start a blog when I come back home, as I had already been thinking about it for a while. So after six beautiful weeks, I returned home called my best friend to shoot some looks with me, edited them and uploaded them to my pretty simple Blogger blog.

The twist on the story? After two weeks, I got so nervous that someone from my school would find out that I deleted my blog and banned it from my mind until this February. That was when I finally realised that it wasn’t my pictures or design or anything like that that weren’t good enough. No, it was my mentality. I was so scared of what people at school would think about me that I didn’t pursue my passion. To this day nobody except my closest three friends at school know about my blog and I still get chills when we have computer class and people find it funny to google each other. But I know that even when they find out and make fun of me, that I’m stronger and know better than them. I wouldn’t delete my blog for anything now as it’s my true passion.

Career girls, don’t give up because you failed the first time or people don’t believe in you. Make mistakes, improve on them and always believe in yourself.


By Benita Ilgenstein


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