Bounce Back! How To Recover From An Unproductive Day

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We’ve all been there – somewhere between waking up and 6pm, you’ve spent the whole day working but you’ve achieved nothing. Oh except the fact that you’ve watched 30 Facebook videos, scrolled all the way back to yesterday’s feed on Insta and you’re fully up to date with all the Kardashian news!

It doesn’t take away from the fact that you’ll have twice as much to do tomorrow. But how do you get motivated when you’ve got that kind of pressure looming? There’s no better time than a Sunday evening to recover from an unproductive day – here’s how!



The world won’t pass you by because you lost a few hours in one day. It’s also likely that your lack of productivity is your body’s voice saying ‘I need a break!’ *insert crying emoji*. Don’t panic and don’t beat yourself up. It happens to everyone!





List and organize all your tasks onto paper to prepare yourself for a really productive new day. Doing this eases mental stress and gives you the satisfaction of knowing you’ll get tonnes out the way.



Now this is my favourite! Whether it’s a bacon and egg sandwich for breakfast or playing netball with the girls after work, give yourself something to look forward to! It keeps you motivated when the prospect of work weighs heavy.



Time yourself to get tasks done. You’ll probably end up getting so stuck in what you’re doing that you’ll go over the time you set yourself, ha!




Completing small tasks helps feed your motivation and well, makes you feel a lot better about yourself! So tidying your desk, shredding papers or doing the filing, it all adds up to productivity and clears your long list of things to do!



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Written by Bridget Antwi.


  1. Great tips :) I have used some of these tips and they have worked for me. I am new follower and I look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  2. Great post. Well done
    You have a very interesting blog. I hope you will like mine

  3. Foods/Coffee are my true motivator…always go to them first :) And of course getting small things done give me the confidence to move onto bigger things. Love your post!
    xx Alexis
    YouTube “Travel with Alexis”

  4. I need this, I need this, I need this. Although I’m awful at making and sticking to my lists. God, I love you Career Girl.

  5. I like this post because if I don’t use my time to effectively work towards goals, I either feel like I’m wasting time or that life is passing me by. I’m currently recovering from a stroke so the concept of time is huge for me. It’s good to hear that it’s OK to “waste,” a few hours. Check out my blog!? ?

  6. I’ve had one too many of these days lately! I needed to read this. Thank you!!
    Jasmine /

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