How To Break Into The Fashion Industry With No Experience

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Stress, bitchiness and heaps of competition and still the fashion industry remains as the one we all lust over. What’s a bit of stress with all the glamour and the lavish lifestyle that comes with it?

Although it may seem a whole world away, with a sharp tongue and strong backbone, there’s nothing stopping you breaking into it. Here’s a guide that will help.

Network and become part of the clique
There’s no denying that the fashion industry is a real clique. It’s all about who you know, and making a name for yourself is absolutely essential. Explore all the fashion events that are around you, and make sure you dress well enough to stand out from the rest when you do. Why not take some networking tips from the founder of The London Fashion Agency? 

Melissa, Global PR Manager for River Island Womenswear said:
“Work experience is key and is the perfect introduction to the fashion industry. It’s important to get yourself out there and make yourself known, whether that’s with PR’s or Fashion Assistants/Editors. These are the contacts that you need to build relationships with, as they will all be the first to know about any job openings and opportunities before they are advertised. It’s also worth networking on social media. is a great tool for reaching out to people and seeking out opportunities.”

Get an internship
The reputation for internships in the fashion industry is enough to put anyone off. The first image that comes to mind is Anne Hathaway in the Devil Wears Prada, and fear of a boss like Meryl Streep can make it seem like a terrible idea. That being said it will offer you an insight into the world, and will let you walk before you can run.

Getting an internship in the fashion industry is crucial and you can never start too early. You can take a summer internship and get to know how the company works and create some valuable contacts that will help you in your career. Internships have a bad reputation but really they’re as much for you as they are for the company, as long as you make the most of your time there you’ll come away with insight and contacts to use in future.

Celina, Creative Director of Career Girl Daily:
“My first marketing internship at Dior was such an amazing experience! First of all Dior is an amazing brand and I learned so much from the Career Girls working there. More than I could ever learn at University. After that, I did two more internships and they helped me really getting my foot into the door.”

Start a blog
The great thing about fashion is that it’s completely subjective. There’s no right way to dress and you should use that as an opportunity to express yourself. There is no end to the generic fashion blogs that are out there, so make yours unique and you will have the perfect way of selling your talents.

A great thing about having your own blog is that potential employers, whether they are a magazine editor or a fashion designer, can see your work and style in an online CV/portfolio. A lot of the time when we are considering applications here at CGD HQ, we look at people’s personal blogs to get a feel for them as a person, what they like and the kind of writing style or visual style they represent! So, it can be really important these days!

Read our guide on becoming a super successful blogger here for some tips.

Melissa, Global PR Manager for River Island Womenswear said: “When I first started in PR there wasn’t any online magazines or fashion blogs so the focus was on print press (magazines and newspapers) and broadcast (TV/radio) but slowly but surely over the years, more and more magazines have introduced digital platforms, and the whole bloggersphere has blown up quite considerably over the last 7 years. It’s great for me, as I love meeting and working with new people. I just have to be more time effective and divvy up my time and attention between online and print, it’s hard to juggle between the two but I relish being busy, it makes the days and weeks fly by.”

Take the time to find your role and have hands down approach
Fashion may seem pretty straight forward, but the industry is actually hugely complicated. There are so many different roles, and you should take the time to explore the position that is really right for you. Check out our spring picks and see how you’d style them.

The fashion industry is really competitive, so it’s important to stand out from the crowd. There are 10 other girls who want that dream job. Don’t expect to polish your nails and try on outfits from the fashion cupboards. Be there for your team and make yourself irreplaceable. 

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  1. The best advice is find some killer outfits to wear and a damn good photographer and showcase your work. Style your friends, or anyone who is willing, kids, family members, your teacher from high school and take full advantage of social media. Blogging, Instagram, Snapchat. Believe in yourself and never give up.

    Kiran |

  2. Such good advice, the internship is pretty accurate as I was able to secure one at a well known magazine whilst at medical school! x

  3. That’s really good advice! I feel networking is vital, because it’s really about who you know. Alexa Chung I’m sure even said its 70% personality and 30% talent (something like that lol)

  4. I’m not sure that with only 30% talent you will get far, definitely not for long.

    YouTube “Travel with Alexis”

  5. I loved this article. It is important to be yourself unapologetically, no matter how many stares you get. Once you love everything about yourself others will too. The instance you become so engulfed in your individuality someone will notice, and they too will be inspired, After all, that is what its all about.

    Sivonyia |

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