Breathtaking! The 10 Best Motivational Videos On YouTube For Ambitious Girls

Motivational Videos On YouTube

We love watching motivational videos, and where better to find them than YouTube. There are some amazing videos out there and so much inspiration to be shared. We’ve selected 10 videos that have stood out to the CGD team. If you’re in desperate need of some motivation, check them all out right here, right now!

The 10 Best Motivational Videos On YouTube

#1 Nastygal founder Sophia
Girlboss Sophia talks about her book and her path to success. How did Nastygal become so successful?

#2 The law of attraction
An interesting story about the law of attraction. Don’t forget to read our article about vision boards after watching this video.

#3 Colbie Caillat – Try
A beautiful video about inner beauty.

#4 Famous speech Steve Jobs
We know CGD is about inspiring women, but this amazing speech from Steve Jobs couldn’t miss in our list. Why? Just watch..

#5 Emma Watson
She’s not only an amazing actress, but also a wonderful inspiring young woman.

#6 Equity for women

#7 Always believe in yourself

#8 The Secrets of success

#9 Talent vs Skill

#10 Best advice to women

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