What To Do When Your Brows Have Left The Building

Photo via Cultbeauty

Brows might be a pain sometimes and unless you are naturally gifted they are never as you would like them to be. Eyebrows are also incredibly important to the face and according to the way you shape or groom them they can completely change your look. However, sometimes in the attempt to look like one of our Brow Idols we might make some horrible mistakes that turn into a complete brow disaster. Hold on, don’t panic, I have some tips for you in case of emergency!


Throw The Tweezers Away
Or at least put them down for the day. Indeed, in the attempt to make things even you might make them even worse. Plucking more and more to remedy over-plucking is really not the best thing to do and just keep in mind that once you put the tweezers away that’s the worst the situation can ever get.

Ask For Professional Help
If you have already made a disaster and eyebrows are not really your area of expertise then why don’t ask someone that knows brows better than you? A professional can suggest you the best tips and remedies and also help you stop panicking and stressing out.

Use A Pencil Or Powder
Use a good quality pencil or Anastacia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo to fill in your brows and get the desired shape. Make sure that the pencil’s colour matches with your natural brows, it can be tricky sometimes and you don’t really want to make the situation worse…

Give Yourself A Hand
Try to stimulate the area with an extremely gentle exfoliation once, maximum twice a week. Jojoba oil is recommended too.

Use a serum
A serum like Browfood can be your best friend in cases like this. It is full of vitamins and botanicals that can considerably help your brows’ growth. You will notice a difference within a week!

And finally be patient!
As hard as it is, it is the best tip I can give you. It might take a long time before you eyebrows grow fully again, so the very best thing you can do is be patient and allow your brows to recover. In the meantime,you can fake it until you make it with some great make up!


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