The Budget Moisturizer All The IT-Girls Use For Perfect Skin

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What do Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung, Adele and Rihanna have in common? Their choice of moisturizer it turns out. When you’re constantly under spotlights and standing in the flash of cameras your skin needs to be perfect or at least near perfect, and their secret to super smooth skin turns out to be an inexpensive moisturizer that any of us can get our hands on. We’re talking about the Weleda Skin Food Moisturizer.



Weleda Skinfood is available here


Victoria once told HELLO! magazine: ‘The body cream I use is a really simple, inexpensive body moisturizer by Weleda. It’s really, really thick, and I slather it on.’

While Adele admitted it replenishes her skin after using a lot of makeup, and Alexa admitted that she has extremely dry skin and swears by using the green-tubed wonder for her face. Interesting, right? If all these women swear by it, it must be good.

It smells amazing, and from our own personal perspectives is equally nourishing. Celina doesn’t struggle with dry skin but loves to use it as an overnight treatment for soft, glowing skin, while I use it every other day at the moment to try and feed my dry skin as seasonal changes affect it.

It’s really thick and contains chamomile so it smells great, and is good for your whole body including hands, elbows and face.

Could this be the secret to A-list skin? We think so.


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