A Step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Mood Board And Chasing Your Dreams



Everyone needs a little inspiration to help kick-start their dreams and visualizing your goals is so important to help keep you on track. But in an internet age of constant photo sharing, it’s easy to get lost in the bombardment of images. It’s hard to know what is important to your motivation amongst this mayhem! What we really need is a place where we can collate all the people, pictures, and quotes that inspire us!

We all have something we aspire to whether it’s body goals, hair goals or career goals and creating an accessible, organized mood board might be just the thing to help you chase your dreams. The only problem is, who’s got the time to do it? Well, luckily you can make a mood board online or offline, here’s how…

Why make a mood board?

Busy lives mean reduced time. While it’s so beneficial to journal and read motivational books, sometimes our time doesn’t allow for it.

Instead, finding and viewing images takes a couple of clicks and seconds, working as visual prompts to remind us where we are and where we want to be.

Physically seeing a life you wish to have also helps you to realize it’s possible and not just a figment of your imagination! Building a physical mood board can be so de-stressing and motivating, while creating a board online saves time and does just the same things!

Step one: Find things that inspire you for the right reasons



Before we can even attempt to create a mood board, we need a reason.

Think about your dreams or the life of someone who inspires you and work out how you can get it. What ingredients do you need?


Write them all down and section them. Begin to collect images that relate to this!

Inspiration doesn’t have to come from pictures of models holding smoothies! Start by looking for visual prompts that inspire you, look for things that remind you of the life you want. Don’t just choose things because they’re pretty. This is supposed to motivate you, so anything that makes you feel inspired is a good start. Save these images, they’re the backbone to your mood board. Then start collecting images of colors, patterns, and textures. You want to build a mood board that’s a pleasure to look at.

Step two: Use the internet for inspiration

Whether you’re cutting up magazines or printing out photos, use the internet to build your digital mood board. Everybody knows Pinterest, but there’s also Designspiration and Behance to get some inspiration from.

There are also amazing apps that can create a collage for you, and even help you create a feature wall if you want to bring your mood board into a room.



Let’s be real! There are many parts of our lives we wish to better, from house décor right down to our choice of socks!

You don’t want to jumble these sections into one, or you’ll never find what you need in moments of struggle, so it’s a good idea to organize your mood board into sections!


Step three: Make the cut

You’ve probably collected so many images now, images of your dream life, puppies, and kittens, motivation to work out, the food you want to make. There are no limitations, and that’s the problem. You don’t want to feel overwhelmed by your mood board. You’ll have to think like an editor and decide whether these images actually make the cut.

If you’re creating a mood board the old fashioned way, lay everything out on a table and pick up only the photos that inspire you and that you’re drawn to. If you’re creating a digital mood board, look through all your saves or pins and be critical. Are these photos really going to encourage you to get sh*t done? Whatever doesn’t make the cut needs to go. Your mood board can always be edited and curated as you grow. Which is why it’s so important to have one where you can see it all the time!


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  1. This year was the first time I started creating a mood board. I’m still working on it. But, I must admit that I’ve already started working hardcore on some of the things on the board. I find it inspirational. And I’m constantly adding new things to it. Thanks for these awesome tips!



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