Yes, It’s Possible: How to Build a Business and Still Be a Rockstar Mom

Sarah-Jessica-Parker-I-Dont-Know-How-She-Does-PicturesBuilding a business as a mom brings a whole new meaning to “work-life balance”. Entrepreneurs are famous for working long and crazy hours. On the other hand, the duties of a mom are round-the-clock. Is it possible to build a business and still be a rockstar mom? Whether you’re years away from considering kids but have always wanted to know how people do it or whether you already have a couple of rowdy little tykes running around your feet.

Here’s good news: you can build a successful business while also being a great mom – just consider these four tips.

#1 Set Priorities

Each day decide what must be done today, without separating the list into work tasks and home tasks. After you have your to-do list, prioritize it. Constantly check in to make sure that you are spending your time in a way that aligns with your priorities. Including your personal life along with your business objectives ensures you will not sacrifice one area of your life.

#2 Do a Time Audit

If you are working really long hours or constantly feeling like you are playing catch-up, it’s wise to audit your time. For a few days, track every minute that you spend. Add it all up and look for problem areas. You might find that the few minutes you thought you spent on emails was actually hours.

Look for problem areas and come up with an action plan to improve. Sometimes being aware of the problem is enough to change courses. On the other end of the spectrum, you might determine you need to hire some help.

#3 Unplug

Social media may be an important part of building your business and your brand. Unfortunately, social media never closes and it’s easy to get sucked in to constantly updating statuses, acknowledging others’ posts, or responding to followers. But when it’s family time, let it be family time. Turn off the phone and anything else that dings when your accounts have activity.

Even if you don’t have any social media involvement, you are likely tempted to check email on your phone during family time. Get in the habit of putting the phone away or turning off your business email account when you are with your family.

#4 Get Help

Few people will argue that reading to your children is better than having a clean house. However, if you constantly sacrifice cleaning your house in order to read to your kids, you’ll eventually end up with a major mess on your hands. While you might not be ready to hire help in your business, you could look into getting help at home. Can you hire a house cleaner or someone to help with errands? These things would free up your time, allowing you to spend more quality time with your children. If funds are short, talk to your partner or extended family about what help they might be willing to offer for a short time.

It is possible to build a business and still be a rockstar mom, but you need to guard your time very wisely. Make sure every minute counts!

By Kirsten

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