How To Build A Cult Social Media Following Without Selling Your Soul



When you’re trying to grow that cult following, it can be difficult to know how to post on social media without selling your soul. You don’t want to try too hard, and you still want to add value to your followers’ lives, but how do you find the time and strategies to become super popular? The Career Girl Academy on Saturday 6th May is all about becoming super successful online, and we’ll be teaching you the best social media strategies you’ll ever use.

Charlotte Hamill and Danielle Hunter from Born Social are going to share their best-kept secrets. Charlotte is the joint managing director of Born Social, working with brands like Kiehl’s  and Papa John’s to create social media campaigns and create strategies that actually work, while Danielle is the influencer manager. At the academy they’ll be talking you through using social media to become super successful, trust us, you don’t want to miss this one!

So what will you learn?

1. How to use social media to create a successful online business

Since Born Social has worked with some of the coolest brands out there, they know how you can use social media to grow a business, and which accounts, strategies, and content types work best. With years of research and expertise, they know what audiences are looking for, so they’re going to be talking you through the mistakes you might not know you’re making and some of the best strategies to get new followers every day.

2. How to get people to share your content again and again

With so many different accounts and social strategies, it can feel like you’re losing a huge chunk of time to social media, that’s where Charlotte and Danielle come in. They know how to create a great strategy that works every single time. During their talk, you better take notes because they’ll be talking you through all the secret tips and tricks, plus the best tools to use to keep your social media channels fresh and make people want to share, like, and tag their friends!

3. How to become super popular without selling your soul

The question we get asked the most is how to promote yourself without selling your soul. It’s difficult, but there are ways to get people to notice you without being inauthentic. Think about brands like Kiehl’s. I am constantly recommended their products by word of mouth when I complain about my skin, why is that? How did they create a social media campaign that grows awareness offline as well as online? It’s all about solving problems. Charlotte and Danielle will share the things they do for brands like Kiehl’s and how you can promote your brand, business, blog, or even yourself, without scaring people away.

This is going to be a seriously popular talk, so if you’re as excited as we are, get your tickets to The Career Girl Academy hereWith talks, classes, a networking lunch, pink cocktails, a free copy of The Ultimate Blog Plan eBook and a goodie bag worth over £100. You’ll leave the day feeling inspired and ready to get things done!




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