6 Quick Tips For Building The Perfect Instagram Account


Long gone are the days where we only used Instagram to capture our selfies and show off our perfectly plated food. Since our favorite influencers have emerged, we’ve decided to take our Instagram feeds a little more seriously. And the only way to up our follower count and create an award-winning feed is by creating good quality content. So, if your Instagram is need of an upgrade then scroll down to see how the influencers do it and how you can do it too:


1. Plan your feed ahead of time:



Onyi and Craig have planned out their feed really well. All of the images seem to relate to each other and share the same color tones. And this wouldn’t have been achieved at random! It’s all down to planning out your feed before you post.

This will save you deleting photos in the future that don’t fit with the vibe of your feed. But, don’t you wish there was an app that you could see your feed before you post it live? Well, there is…UNUM has helped me create a feed that’s well crafted and thought of. And now you can make your own too – it will really make sure your feed is perfect, always!

2. Pick a subject:



When someone visits your feed they need to understand exactly what it is they’re looking at. And they will only follow you if they can see a clear category and theme. That’s why it’s important for you to pick a subject.

Jacey Duprie is a lifestyle and fashion blogger who intertwines the two. On her feed, you’ll see a lot of lifestyle shots (which people love) whilst she looks great from head-to-toe. So choose a subject that’s suited to you and make sure you convey it all the way through.

3. Create a feeling:



People love feeds and photos that people get a feeling from. You want to create a warm, fuzzy feeling that makes people resonate and relate to your images. A lot of warm colors will make this work, but more than that. It’s about showing people what matters to you.

For us, it’s a mixture of desk goals and empowering women to get things done, for you it might be something totally different. Communicate your values, and inspire people with your images, and your feed will already look so much better!

4. Take the right photo:



After it all, this is what it boils down to – taking the right photo. And this can be quite difficult to do as you need to incorporate a lot of elements to get it right. People can be picky and if there’s one thing off about your photo then they won’t like it. Take some tips from Viktoria Dahlberg, she does exceptionally well with the engagement on her photos.

They’re always bright, tend to include a person in them doing something and conveys happiness. You need the right setting – interiors are always popular, especially when they’re well decorated. Avoid standing with white walls and make sure to have a busy image.

5. Make the right edits:



For your Instagram feed to fit together every photo needs to have the same filter and edits made to it. This means you can’t post random images that are all different colors and unrelatable. This will keep you on theme anyway. But it’s important that your feed looks the same. Like, Jessie who has chosen to go with a darker mood that really makes her outfits pop.

Each photo is different but since the edits are the same, they blend well together and this is pleasing. You can use apps like Lightroom, A Color Story, and VSCO to help you determine the filter, colors, and edits you want to make. If you need a list of the best filters to use for VSCO cam, click here.

6. Be consistent:


I’ve already mentioned about creating a feeling with your feed. But it’s important to be consistent with this. Not only with the feeling but with the number of times you post. It’s important that you post at least once a day, every day. If you’re just starting out I would recommend posting three times a day, that way you will build the perfect feed more quickly and attract a lot more attention.

Take inspiration from Josefin who is very consistent with all of the mentioned above. And that’s why her feed is so cool. The edits, the feeling, and the times she posts are all consistent, which is an important factor in creating an amazing feed.

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  1. Great ideas! I can actually really understand these and also picture myself using these tips soon!
    Coco| pjsandstuff.wordpress.com

  2. Personally, I agree with all of the tips except ‘keeping your feed the same colour’! I’m quite bored of seeing a specific colour-theme feed as at first glance all of the pictures look the same. I think we should all strive to be different and if people follow you for that reason, you’ll know it’s for who you are not because your feed looks appealing due to your colour scheme. Otherwise, great post!

    x Mariya


  3. Great tips !! Even though I do agree with Mariya about the colors. I think it’s nice to see some changes sometimes, especially when we go from one season to another !! @lottavj

  4. Very much agreed. The only problem I get with matching all the colours is that I go out at night more rather than day so my theme tends to be darker. Although I much prefer my photos being taken in the daylight. So I have many photos that I want to post but doesn’t fit the theme that I want. Once I improve my theme more and write some more blog posts, I will finally publish my new blog!


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