This Is A Masterclass You Don’t Want To Miss

The Career Girl Academy 

 Over a hundred Career Girls came together to share their tips and tricks, dreams, hopes, and successes at the coolest spot in London. From how to use the 6:3 rule to be successful, to building a brand and how to take care of yourself plus much more!

Career Girl Daily is about living your best life, empowering the next generation and making career cool again. Our guests had access to a full-day program of masterclasses, met and networked with other like-minded women, ate a healthy lunch from the detox kitchen and sipped on Instagram-worthy rose cocktails to toast the day! 


When is the next one?

We’d love to see you at the next Career Girl Academy! Please subscribe below to find out about our next event…


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My friend and I missed out on the other one!!! Can’t wait for January! Bring it on 2017 xxxxx

  2. I wish this took place when I was in London for three weeks during summer! Perhaps next year.
    – Charmaine

  3. Woah! this sounds super exciting:) Definitely can’t wait for this. Roll-On 2017!

  4. Will any of the talks be available to purchase and watch via videolink during/after for career girls in other parts of the world to watch? :)

  5. Would absolutely love to attend this as Press!
    I have contacted you through eventbrite! xo

  6. This looks awesome! Lots of variety and really helpful topics. Too bad I’m across the pond in Canada. Enjoy!!

    Hillary |

  7. Can you hold this in the North please too? It sounds great and I’d definitely come if it moves up north?

  8. That sounds like a great event. It is a pity that I live in Germany. But it is nice that you want to set up a network. Wish you all the best for the event.

    Katrin Heydrich

  9. Thanks for hosting such a brilliant, fun and inspiring event! This was the first blogging event I’ve been to and I’ll admit I was a little nervous but I had no need to be. The girls were all super lovely and I learned so much from the day. Which I’ve shared in my latest blog post, link below if you fancy checking it out :)

    Laura x

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