Business Etiquette Rules All Twenty Somethings Should Know

When you’re invited to a business or networking event, there can be a hundred things to worry about. Whether you remember everyone’s name is just one of them. You have to know the rules of business, and yes there are rules. Most of them come down to politeness, the politer you are the more likely you are to make an impression, but here are some business etiquette rules all twenty-somethings should know!

#1 Introducing yourselves and others is essential.

If it’s possible, try to make the first step and introduce yourself whenever possible – and introduce others as well. Being introduced by someone else makes people feel valued and gives them a positive impression of you.

#2 Interrupting is a no-no.

Nobody likes to be interrupted. While it’s sometimes difficult to find the right time to speak up, try not to interrupt people and let them finish before you add your point. If the conversation moves on, simply saying “Going back to what you said earlier…” and say your piece. It’s a double win because then everyone knows you’re really listening to the conversation.

#3 “Please” and “Thank you” are never wrong.

Try to say “Thank you” during every conversation. Again, this makes people feel valued, which is the aim behind most etiquette rules. Don’t overdo it, though, you only need to thank someone once for something, thanking them for every little thing they’re doing for you can get annoying. If someone is being super helpful, say one big thank you, “I can’t thank you enough for everything you’re doing, I know I keep saying it but really, thank you.” sounds much more genuine than thousands of little thank yous.

#4 Keep your phone in your pocket.

You should only allow yourself a look at your phone when it’s an emergency – and a message from your best friend asking if you want to go out tonight is not an emergency!

#5 Dress appropriately.

First impressions are incredibly important and how you dress makes up a huge part of the first impression you make on someone. Luckily for you, we have hundreds of fashion tips on dressing for your career. You’ll never have to worry about making the wrong impression again!

#6 Be interested, be interesting.

Be interested in what others have to say and ask questions about their lives, but also, try to find a balance between being interested in others and being interesting yourself as well. Be honest and open, try not to brag and smile often.


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  • Jas

    Great tips here :) thank you!
    Jas | Jas Poole Blog

  • Emma Haworth

    I definitely think Number 4 is really important!

  • Ariadna Morell

    3 and 4 are SO important! Really helpful post! :) x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • Camille Beygui

    Amazing tips ! So helpful


  • Grace

    Great post, Marie! Making other people feel important is such an important part of networking, but it can get so tiring when all they want to talk about is themselves! Glad you pointed out that we all have to be interesting ourselves.

    A Millennial Student

  • Danielle T

    Finding the right time to speak is the hardest thing for me! I’ve quickly learned that its best to deal with a brief silence than to risk talking over people…

  • Kai

    Great tips, Marie! These are very outside of the box and extremely helpful.


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