Can You Ever Be Friends With An Ex?

photo: Ring My Bell


Breaking up is never easy but it’s what to do afterwards that’s the tricky part.

If an ex texts me I wanna throw my phone out the nearest window, if they don’t text me I also want to throw my phone out of the nearest window. I’ve learnt two things from this: number one being I should really get my phone insured, and number two being that I’m clearly not over this whole ‘he doesn’t wanna be with me’ thing. So what do I go and do? I say “yeah sure let’s be friends, won’t that be nice”. Well more fool me. Here are some of the joys of becoming friends with your ex that we’ll all recognize.

You know it’s a terrible idea
You broke up for a reason as everyone keeps so helpfully reminding you. You know you need to let it go, give each other space and allow things to settle so you can get a little clarity.

You become trapped in social media.
You know you shouldn’t but you can’t help but want them to message you, ring you, Snapchat you or even just like your Instagram pic, why else did you waste 40 minutes getting the perfect selfie?

You still have hope.
You can’t help but wonder if one day they’ll want you back in their life as more than a friend, mixed signals are now completely exhausting.

You start stalking for the inevitable new girlfriend.
You’re waiting for them to find a hot new girlfriend and that’s never fun.

Your emotions will get frazzled.
Your ex will most likely mess with your emotions (even if you did the breaking up!) and try to worm their way back in just as you’re feeling emotionally stable again and have started moving on. And then there’s the inevitable, you might both cross the friend line because let’s face it, it’s hard not to if you’re still moving in the same circles as your ex, especially if drinking is involved.

On what planet did I ever think it would be a good idea to remain friends with an ex. The problem is once you’ve broken up with someone you can’t then dump them again as a friend, is that even a thing? It sounds quite dramatic.

Have you ever managed to stay friends with an ex? I would seriously love to know.


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