What We Can Learn From Ultimate Career Girl Emma Watson

Emma Watson, the beautiful, talented and intelligent actress is the ultimate source of inspiration. Emma has a variety of skills. She is an award-winning actress, UN ambassador and a model.

#1 Stay grounded

Her role in the Harry Potter franchise placed her on the map. Despite global success playing young witch Hermione in the blockbuster movies, Emma has remained sensible and grounded. It is incredibly inspiring that regardless of the fact that Emma was the toast of the movie industry she chose to study at Brown University. Brown is an amazingly prestigious Ivy league University based in Rhode Island.

#2 Do what you think is right

Emma could have decided to focus solely on the film industry, however, she managed to both act and study. She excelled at her studies and earned a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature. Emma was adamant that despite her global fame, education was an essential for her. Balancing a tough course with an unrelenting work regime was not always easy for Emma. She sometimes required time out from her studies to work on various roles and projects.

‘She’s down to earth, inspiring and a great role model for young girls everywhere’

#3 Stand up for what you believe in

Watson gave a speech before the U.N. for the HeForShe Campaign that went viral. She is an advocate for gender equality and talks regularly about the education and rights of women. She has also given a petition that was signed by 4,000 people to the parliament of Uruguay requesting that the women of Uruguay be allowed political participation. She is in the public eye and uses it for good, standing up for a cause we can all get behind – she’s down to earth, inspiring and a great role model for young girls everywhere!

For young women everywhere this aspect of Emma’s life is a huge inspiration. It demonstrates how grounded Emma is and her refreshing approach to the Hollywood lifestyle. We should take this as a lesson to always have back up plans, think about future possibilities and perhaps do something unexpected.

By Catherine Murphy


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  1. I absolutely LOVE Emma Watson. She seems so beautiful, on the inside and out.

    Emily | Always Emily | Bloglovin’

  2. Emma Watson is one of my biggest inspiration! She’s so awesome! kisses:D


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