Career Advice From The Most Successful Woman In Fashion

There is no one better to learn career advice from than Natalie Massanet, the founder of online sensation Net-a-Porter, and a truly successful woman.

Natalie Massanet. A name you may not be immediately familiar with – but we bet the online store Net-a-Porter is.

It is thanks to this inspirational lady for all those lost hours drooling over high-end shoes and bags. By bringing designer labels to an online platform, Natalie changed the way we shop forever. She is a true force to reckon within the fashion industry and we have gathered some top tips from her career that you can start implementing into your own life.

1. Be innovative

Natalie is an innovator in the true sense of the word. Passionate and ahead of her time, she’s a huge source of motivation. Setting up Net-a-Porter was a game-changer in the world of high-end fashion and has, without a doubt, revolutionized the way all us ladies shop. For all those budding entrepreneurs, read this article to discover the 5 things that could make you successful.

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2. Have a sense of fun

Despite being a grade A superstar in the work of business, this girl knows how to have fun. She encourages staff to let loose, have a good time and enjoy their jobs. And that work-hard-play-hard mentality is definitely a winner in our eyes. On top of that, twice a month, Natalie throws her staff margarita parties. Where can we sign up? You don’t need to throw away a social life to be successful, actually, it can be really useful – you can find out why here.

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3. She provides stellar advice

Natalie left Net-a-Porter to face new challenges. It’s been reported her final email to staff was pure inspiration. She advised them to be the best, lead, exceed expectations, be smart and be stylish. Pretty awesome advice for any Career Girl looking to get ahead. Start planning like a real entrepreneur girl boss with the help of this article.

4. She is not afraid to take risks

When she started, online fashion was unknown territory. She raised the money and worked damn hard to build her empire. Initially, designers were reluctant to move from traditional in-store sales to the unfamiliar practice of online shopping. However, Natalie could see the bigger picture, had a vision and drove onwards to bring it to life. Read this article to realize why you need to be fearless to reach your dreams?

What’s more, Natalie was named Glamour Woman of the Year in 2015, one of the Times one hundred most influential people and received an MBE for her services to fashion. Her career progression and success have been nothing short of exceptional. Follow in her footsteps, and implement her advice it into your own life, to reach your own dreams.

By Catherine Murphy

  1. Nice article! #4 is absolutely essential – especially if you want to start your own business. When I started my company, I figured the worst thing that could happen is that it wouldn’t work. 10 years later, it is still going strong!; Instagram @amysewellstyle

  2. i try to #2 especially when it gets dull around the office or a lot of us are stressed over a dead line. it helps to lighten the mood and make the atmosphere in the office =o)

  3. I love this post. #1 helps set yourself apart from others. #2 is how I decompress. #3 is essential in building loyal customer base. #4 ultimately should be a calculated risk.
    xx Alexis
    YouTube “Travel with Alexis”

  4. Was this an interview or did you just do research? Because if its the latter its kind of a misleading title to say: career advice from… Which implies you actually spoke to the person directly.

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