How To Do A Career Detox In Just 7 Days

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When you hear the word ‘detox’ what do you think? For me, a detox is all about cutting out my favorite things and drinking juices every day, but what would you say if I told you that you can now detox your career, too?

Putting in the same amount of effort as you would for a health detox could produce some surprising results. We had a look at some career detoxes and took a few tips that could just change your life!

Day 1: Schedule your social media time
What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Check your phone? Us, too. We waste precious time scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, so on the first day of your career detox, you should decide what’s the best time to look at your social networks and stick to it. Whether it’s before you go to bed or during your lunch break, don’t peek at them unless it’s the dedicated time. Putting your phone away and training yourself to pick it up only at certain times can help you become successful.

Day 2: Organize your CV and Cover Letter 
Give your CV/Cover Letter a read through and make sure you’re not making one of the most common CV mistakes. Once you’ve done that, you should organize them into a folder and delete all those outdated CV’s (who else has ‘CV one’ and ‘CV – this is the real one!’ in their folders?). If you’re in full-time employment, don’t underestimate the power of editing your CV as you go, if you update it with new skills or achievements as they come you will have less to do.

Day 3: Declutter your inbox 
Create rules to ensure emails go into the correct folder, unsubscribe from emails you no longer open and use to put all your newsletters into one handy digest. While you’re there, subscribe to newsletters that will motivate you and inspire you, instead of distracting you.

Day 4: Spend 30 minutes on your finances 
Just spend half an hour looking at your banking app, checking out your saving goals and figuring out your unnecessary spendings. I spent way too much on Uber and Deliveroo this month, I need a slap on the hand…naughty! So, don’t feel too bad, just figure out what it is you’re going to change going forward and try not to buy anything you don’t really need (no matter how cute it is!)

Day 5: Don’t talk about work 
Make social plans, don’t talk about work. If it’s brought up, be polite, say how it’s going and then change the subject. I often find myself excited to talk about CGD, and then I try to give myself a reality check – not everybody wants to hear a lecture about how I manage the editorial calendar on a Friday night at the bar. Sigh.

Day 6: Send a letter to your future self 
I did this the other month and I’ve already forgotten what it says and when it’s coming. Putting down your goals and asking your future self questions gives you a motivation boost and gets you excited about what’s to come.

Day 7: Start a work journal 
If you haven’t already started a work journal, you really need to. There’s nothing like writing down your goals, dreams and what you have done to start chipping away at them. Read this article to find out why a work journal is so important, you can even include collages!

Once week one is done let us know how it went! If you want to try some other things, you should tweet industry experts, say yes to things that scare you and be organized!



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  1. Scheduling social media time, helped me avoid some long evenings where I just sit forever in front of my laptop.

    Connect with me:





  2. A very big help. This is what I needed since I wanted to change my habit of over usage of the internet. :(

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit

  3. I love this post! IT’s so important to keep organised and, if you’re working for yourself, it’s always good to schedule social media / email times so you don’t get sucked into working 24 / 7.

  4. Spending time on your finances is so important! I’ve been learning how to keep track of mine now =o)

  5. This is so helpful! This will be great to liven things up in my worklife. Thank you!

    Jasmine /

  6. This is great. Organisation is key to a lot of things.

    Jemima x

  7. The finances part is so important! Thanks for the tips!

  8. Wonderful tips! I have a work journal and life couldn’t be easier and more organized without it. Never missed an appointment and always keeping track with work and stuff. Still need to work on ‘Day – 5’ haha! Thank you for reminding x

    Real Life Nerd

  9. Great post. I’m going to take some of these onboard for this week :)

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