Career Girl Confessions: 7 Thoughts You Have On Pay Day

Via: Nastygal

Ah, pay day. As the money comes in, birds sing, the sun bursts out from behind the clouds, and all is well for a few short moments…and then somehow the money is gone before you even see it. Oops! Read on for 7 super relatable thoughts you have on pay day, and comment down below what your favorite thing to buy with the money from pay day is!

“It’s finally here!”

The long wait is over, and pay day has finally arrived, giving you a sense of freedom and achievement found only in being paid for all the hard work you do.

“Where to go first?”

For us Career Girls, we work hard, but we also…shop hard and play hard. Earning the much-deserved cash gives us a really strong want need to spend a little (or a lot) and treat ourselves. The question is, what should we buy?

“Maybe I should put some of this in the bank…”

The practical side of each of us makes us pause and think about whether we should just take the check or money straight to the bank.

“I’m rich, everyone! Make it rain!”

The minute you get that check, cash, or bonus, it can feel like you’re on top of the world.

“Oh my gosh, how much longer until the next one?”

The time of the wait between pay days can feel endless, and as soon as you realize you have that much longer to go, it doesn’t take long for a headache to set in.

“Is this really all I made?”

Sometimes, after the happiness of pay day wears off, you can be shocked by the small (or seemingly small) amount you actually receive. Seriously, no amount of money is good enough for the hard, stressful, kick-butt work you do!

“Back to work…”

Perhaps the most boring and dreaded thoughts accompanying pay day is the thought that you are starting all over again, back on the daily grind. However, this is also accompanied by the sense of a fresh start: the chance to do amazing things, excel in your fields, and maybe even get a raise!

What do you love most about pay day? Comment down below!