#AskUsAnything! Career Girl Daily Answer Your Questions

Ever since we launched one year ago, we’ve been flooded with questions about how we started and what we do, and with our recent Giveaways we’re encouraging you to ask us anything, and we shall (probably) answer. Here are our picks from last week, thanks for all your questions and comments!

What career advice was the most important you’ve ever received?
asked by Liz

Celina – Creative Director CGD

“Be patient! Success is something that’s worth being patient for. Make sure to see the bigger picture. Even when you’re starting out as an intern or when you have a management job. Patience is key.”

Beth – Managing Editor CGD

“Follow your passions. We all need to survive and it’s easy to get stuck in a career that you hate, but the best career advice I’ve ever received was to be persistent and follow my passions, don’t give up and just keep going!”

What is the best advice that you could give a college student today?
asked by Anastacia.

Beth – Managing Editor CGD

“For me, University was an amazing experience. You need to balance having wild times with working hard and budgeting your money for rent and shopping, it’s actually a great time for growing up. The best advice I can give is to plan what you’re going to do after you leave as soon as you can. Set up internships, get out there, it’s scary and most people want to go travelling after college/University so plan accordingly to avoid going back home and being stuck in a rut.”

When you’re planning for your career ahead, what are some good tips for budgeting and spending your money in a smart way?
asked by Erin Larcher.

Lois – Sales Director CGD

“We just wrote an article about this topic. A lifesaving app for the CGD team is the Daily Budget app and the 50-20-30 rule. The Daily Budget app is amazing to track what you can spend per day after all your regular costs like rent, memberships and monthly bills. It calculates how much you can spend per day and allows you fill in all your daily expenses, analyses your spending and recalculates what you can spend for the rest of that day after a purchase. I am personally addicted to this app and it feels kind of like a game because you don’t want to go in the minus. It is a great way to stick to your budget, save money and keep on track with your financial goals.”

Who do you consider to be inspirational Instagrammers or YouTubers? 
asked (in part) by Julie De Neef.

Lois – Sales Director CGD

“I personally love @HumansofNY, because it restores faith in humanity every day and keeps reminding me that everyone you meet is fighting a struggle of their own, so always be nice. I also love @Kattanita for a daily dose of travel, lifestyle and fashion inspiration, and @Skopljak for a fitness motivation boost.”

Beth – Managing Editor CGD

“I love @lornaluxe for inspiration in the mornings, her Instagram always gives me motivation to carry on the day in style. I also love @whatforbreakfast because we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I love @suitcasemag for travel envy!”

Feel free to comment below any other questions you want us to answer!