Career Girl Diary: A Day In Notting Hill


This weekend the girls decided to go out for a little trip to Notting Hill. We started our day with our weekly CGD brunch at a cute place. Notting Hill is so charming! We walked along the perfectly manicured streets and each picked out our ‘dream home’. Mine was a cute house with a pink front door. From there, we went to Portobello Road Market.  The famous Portobello Market is really fun and well worth your time.


London has many markets, but one of the best is most definitely the world-famous Portobello Road Market! The mile- long street market sells a wide variety of goods, clothes, antiques and even food, with different items being sold on different days.It is open every day except for Sunday.We had a lovely few hours wandering around and discovering all the different cafes, shops etc. The famous bookshop still has the same atmosphere of the famous movie.



Top 5 Places to Visit in Notting Hills

#1 – Portobello Road

#2 – Tine Spice Shop
Which stocks more than 2500 herbs, spices and condiment in collectible, bright yellow tins.

#3 – Melt
Fresh chocolates made on the premises are on offer at melt, whose hot chocolate drink is always a sell-out

#4 – Westbourne Grove and Ledbury Road
Higher- end boutiques and childrens shops as well as French chains including Sandro and Maje. Also worth a look is Paul Smith;s three- storey flagship store with artwork and curious from the much-lauded British designer’s personal collection DSC_0041

Such a cutie!


Notting Hill is one of London’s most desirable areas and famous for its coloured houses and indeed, it’s so lovely. You can find everything, from world-famous events and restaurants, to cutting-edge galleries and theatres in Notting Hill. The area is peaceful, posh and full of vintage, classic old times parked on the corners of the street.