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My name is Olivia Bossert, and I’m the editor in chief of Atlas. My life is pretty awesome, yet pretty individual. I live in Cornwall, in the south-west of the United Kingdom, where I work from home. No days are ever the same, but it keeps me on my toes, and I like the ever-changing routine. Here’s a bit of insight into the life of the editor of a print and digital magazine!


About 4 and a half years ago, my friend Megan (who lives in New York!) and I had the crazy idea of starting an online magazine. What was meant to be just a hobby and a bit of fun quickly turned into much more than that, fast forward to now, and Atlas Magazine is now a fully fledged print and digital magazine, with a team of 5 girls, working super hard to produce 6 magazines a year, as well as keeping our website stocked with daily content. Sounds a bit crazy? It certainly is, but it’s a good crazy!

6:40am: Alarm goes off. I normally wake up pretty quickly, and by 7am, I’m in the kitchen making breakfast.

8am: Sit down at my desk, check and reply to the emails that have come in from the night before. Atlas is very much a global publication, so we receive emails from everywhere imaginable!

9am: Upload the new issue of Atlas. Our new digital issue goes live tomorrow, and it needs to be scheduled in advance.

9:15am: Create links within the magazine. Because this issue of Atlas is digital, we can add direct links to all the creatives within it (photographers, stylists, make-up artists, etc) and the clothing brands. It makes the magazine shop-able and highly engaging!

11am: Linking done, I need to wrap up magazines which need to be sent off. Our new print issue was released in April, and orders come in all the time. I place each copy into an envelope and write out the addresses, ready to send them off.

11:20am: Blog post time! Atlas’ website is updated daily, so we need to keep on top of the content. We try to be 2-3 weeks ahead of schedule at all times. I spend the next few hours formatting and uploading images to our blog, ready for publication.

12:30pm: My eyes are definitely going square by now, and I need a break from my computer. I head to my kitchen and make some lunch. Today, it’s an omelette! I love to sit and read magazines during my lunch break … can you tell I’m magazine obsessed?

1:00pm: Megan is awake now. Megan is the creative director of Atlas, my friend, and the girl I started Atlas with. We speak daily about what needs doing and where we’re at. We have a 30 minute Facebook chat.

2:00pm: Time to head to the post office to mail out the magazines.

3:00pm: Home again, I log onto our social media and see what has happened in the last 24h. I also make sure that everything has gone ahead smoothly so far with social media throughout the day.

4:00pm: Heading back to our inbox before the end of the day, I reply to any last minute requests or submissions.

5:00pm: Time to hit the gym. I’ve been sat down at my desk all day and I need to move!

6:00pm: Our evening blog post goes live. I post the final image of the day to our Instagram and log off.

I adore my job. We receive so much incredible work from fashion photographers from around the world, that I’m constantly inspired for my own creative work! The best part? I can do what I love, in the place that I love, surrounded by the people I love. Winning at life? Yep!

Instagram: @theatlasmagazine
Twitter: @myatlasmagazine

Atlas Magazine is available worldwide in print and digital.


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  • Phoebida x

    My dream job! x

    Phoebe & Abida |

  • Elishia Chave

    I’d totally agree at the ‘winning at life’ statement! So awesome! Well done :)

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