Career Girl Inspiration: Arianna Huffington (Founder Of The Huffington Post)

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A prolific author, media mogul and founder of the award-winning online site The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington is a true inspiration for every career girl. From studying economics at the University of Cambridge to co-founding the website that The Observer ranked as the most powerful blog in the world, Huffington has a story that is not only hugely impressive, but one that offers insights that everyone could take tips from.

2937612552_e103e41e6aBorn in Greece, Arianna moved to Great Britain during her teens where she gained a masters in economics at the University of Cambridge. From there she took to fulfilling her dream, moved to London to pursue her writing career and in 1974 her first book The Female Woman was published.

With her writing well underway, it was her political outlook that would next place Arianna in the spotlight. As a strong-minded, intelligent woman she made regular TV appearances to pave the way for her views, and stood as a political icon, all while her personal life was taking off and she gave birth to two children.

In 2005, with a background of knowledge and accomplishments, Arianna embarked on the biggest success of her career, and co-founded The Huffington Post. Initially renowned for blogging, with an expression of liberal views and news reporting, the site grew and eventually would be known to be successful in covering all aspects of the media.

A woman with desirable motivation, Huffington balanced the success of the site with the rest of her life, and managed to maintain a healthy writing career alongside building one of the world’s most viewed sites. In 2011 she sold the site for more than $300million and now stands as president and editor/chief of the companies Media Group.

With a life in the spotlight, and a long line of success it wasn’t all plain sailing for Arianna. After suffering a facial injury in 2007, as a result of over-exerting herself, she faced a mental breakdown. But with all great success stories comes the bounce back, and since Arianna has learned to strive for balance, actively speaking about the importance a happy life has on any individuals success.

From trying to tackle it all, Arianna’s been through the highs and lows of achievement and now uses what she has learned to not only revel in success, but enjoy every aspect of the life she has created. In her words, the secret is to “Stop doing what’s not working any more; say goodbye and get closer to those things that are sacred to you!” (see more of her wisdom here) 

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  1. I’ve discovered your blog while I was voting my fav blogs for Bloglovin Awards :)
    Then I clicked your URL and I must say that love your site and you’re doing a great job!
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  2. This is so inspiring! I love Huffington Post and actually got the opportunity to blog when I was in high school, so it’s great to hear more great things about Ariana Huffington :)

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