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Career Girls on the Go

Hello CGD readers! Starting today, we’re introducing a new street-style feature called “Career Girls on the Go.” I’ll be going out into the city, meeting everyday women, and quickly chatting with them about their work lives, personal daily routines, and fashion choices. Today I met a handful of happy and radiant women on their way to lunch, work, or the gym. Here are a few highlights from the sunny afternoon…

On the Go- Karen/Andrea

Andrea and Karen are co-workers at an interior architecture company. Among many brands, they love to shop at Mango and Zara. Both were doing a trendy job staying warm today in dark/jewel tones, boots, and big scarves.


On the Go- Cookie and HollieI ran into these colorful ladies, Cookie and Hollie, as they were out getting some fresh air while working for the UK-based charity Comic Relief. Two of the best smiles I saw all day!


On the Go- ChloeThis gorgeous girl was more than happy to let me snap a shot of her chic dress and slouchy knee-high boots while on her lunch break. Her all-time favorite brand? She says, “Everything by Chloe.”

Check back soon for more Career Girls on the Go!

All images by Caty Gainer


  1. MoreThanJustAPrettyFace says

    I love this blog! I just found it on BlogLovin & I really wish you ladies were in the U.S.!

  2. Amy says

    I adore this feature series! So forward thinking. What was the first reactions of the women when you asked them to be featured? I would be so excited if you came up to me hehe!

    I look forward to seeing more.

    Amy X

    • Caty says

      Thank you, Amy! It has definitely been fun meeting new people and getting to know a little bit about these awesome girls. The majority of the girls I talk to and photograph are so surprised and excited about being featured (I’ve only had one person so far who wasn’t interested). They all seem to love taking a little break to chat about their outfits or daily routines. So far, a very positive experience. :-)

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