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Career Success Stories Part 2: How Hard Work Pays Off


It’s week two of our Career Success Stories series and we’re really pleased to be able to bring you another insightful interview with somebody who has worked hard and achieved results in their career! This week I spoke to Katie; a Marketing Executive for a financial services company in Central London. Let’s get straight in with the questions!



CGD: Have you always wanted to be in the career you’re in now?

K: In a way, I first thought I wanted to work in Advertising. Advertising is a type of Marketing anyway and this felt like a better path for me to go down.

CGD: What was your route to where you are today?

K: I graduated last July and started an internship in September with quite a large company, it was a 4 month internship where 10 of us started and knew that 4 would be offered jobs at the end. I worked really hard and was one of the lucky 4 but the role they offered wasn’t exactly what I wanted, I decided to go for a position at a smaller company that suited me better.

CGD: Did you study or get a degree in this particular subject?

K: I did psychology at university so hadn’t actually done any marketing at all. It’s one thing I actually find quite scary – that I don’t have any formal training. I’m really lucky in that once Ive been with this company for 6 months they will sponsor training for me.

CGD: What advice would you give to somebody looking to pursue this career?

K: Marketing is quite heavily saturated because its relevant to every company. It’s something you can start as a graduate without any experience which is great. Although marketing sounds scary it isn’t an intimidating career bacause its something you can learn, a lot of people who start in marketing don’t necessarily have a marketing degree. I would say take any opportunity you can – internships, work experience etc. and see if you like it! The thought of committing to a job you don’t really know can be quite scary, which is why I found it comforting knowing I was in a 4 month internship that was a really good start but not a long term commitment.

CGD: Has this career met your expectations?

K: Yes. At my old job the type of marketing I was doing wasn’t really for me, it wasn’t very creative, was very numbers orientated and more like account management than marketing. Now I can be a lot more creative in my role, even down to little things like choosing the colour of a logo. The role I’m in now is so broad that I’ll be doing something different everyday; I could organising an event, I could be designing a brochure or be uploading a blog to the website. It’s just so broad which I think is really exciting!

CGD: Now you’ve reached your goal, where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

K: Even though I started in a big company with around 2000 employees then moved to a smaller one with around 50 and preferred it, I could actually see myself going back to a large company again. Probably in financial services because thats where I’m working at the moment. In terms of career progression there’s a lot more of an obvious path in a larger company, whereas in a smaller one there’s maybe your role and one person above you or you could move sideways but there isn’t massive room for promotion. I could see myself going to a larger company to manage lots of people! Or I would actually think about going into Advertising, so switching roles and doing something completely ideas-y and creative like TV adverts and things like that, depending on how brave I am!

CGD: It’s great to hear you’re really enjoying your role! And your options are completely open with where you want to go next which is amazing. Thank you for talking to CGD Katie, it’s a really nice story to be able to tell our readers!

R x


  1. Lauren Thurmond says

    I loved this post, it’s really inspiring to see others who do well and managed it all by working hard and staying focused.

    Great post, by the way love your blog it’s so motivational.

  2. Valerie Chan says

    This was such an inspirational post for me! I’m also a soon to graduate psychology major. I’ve been looking at job options and I’ve been concentrating on marketing and advertisement. This post gave me the motivation that I needed.

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