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Anne Hathaway has quite literally done it all, she’s been a lovesick teenage Princess, a fierce and fiery fashion journalist, a crazy Bridezilla and even a cat burglar, there really is nothing or no one she hasn’t portrayed. With all those alter egos you really can learn a thing or two,

I’m still waiting to be told by my grandma that I am in fact heir to the throne of a secret foreign country The Princess Diaries will forever be my childhood guilty pleasure. Here are three life lessons inspired by the very talented and the very gorgeous Anne Hathaway.

#1 Be you and no one else.

In The Devil Wears Prada Anne played the part of a postgraduate journalist with the world at her feet, much like many young adults these days, life after Uni can seem incredibly daunting.

After landing her dream job at a huge fashion magazine it seemed she had everything she had ever wanted but when it started to take over her life, her relationship and her happiness it turned out to be not quite what she had hoped.

We learnt that sometimes you have to do what makes you happy, not what makes others happy. Choose to be around people that accept the real you, flaws and all. Life is full of choices so make the ones that seem right for you.

#2 Stand up for what you believe in.

We all have a voice and we shouldn’t be afraid to let it be heard, your opinion is just as important as the next person’s regardless of who you are, where you come from, your age or your profession. Her world was thrown upside down when she found herself reluctantly living life as a royal princess in The Princess Diaries.

Despite having to live up to certain expectations, she went against the stereotypes and did what made her happy. Never put anyone’s happiness before your own.

#3 Look after the ones you love.

Your best friend cannot be replaced, she makes you cry with laughter, you share a secret language that no one else understands and you have shared enough memories to last a lifetime.

In the brilliantly funny and heart-warming comedy, Bride Wars Hathaway played the part of a best friend and a bride who was forced to share her wedding date with her less than impressed childhood bestie.

Through tears and tantrums, she learnt that nothing, not even her wedding day, would get in the way of her friendship. Relationships are never worth fighting with a friend over, that is something I’m sure we can all agree on.

#4 Have Faith.

Never give up on a dream, whether that be in your career, your love life or your friendships. Playing the strong and beautiful Emma in the moving film adaptation of the best-selling novel One Day we learnt that if something is meant to be it will always happen.

We all have moments in our life when we feel like we aren’t getting anywhere but them moments are only ever temporary. Sometimes you have to trust that things will all fall into place, if you work hard then you will be rewarded.

#5 Believe In Yourself

Self-doubt is normal, but if you create something you should definitely stand by it and believe in your own efforts. In The Intern, Jules Ostin (played by Anne – obviously) creates a company but is plagued by self-doubt, she believes she isn’t easy to work with, she believes she needs outside help to manage her company and she believes that she can’t manage her personal time.

The movie deals with a lot of issues that career girls deal with, and every time Jules was open about the fear she felt before doing something we let out a little cheer. Ultimately, believing in herself and overcoming self-doubt led Jules to her happy ending, of course, she couldn’t have done it without a little help! The Intern opens across the UK on Friday 2nd of October 2015, and is our new favourite film. We recommend you go and see it as soon as possible!

If you’re a bit of a film and TV buff why not check out these amazing life lessons we learned from Gossip Girl and the many movies starring Jennifer Aniston.

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  • Laura Mareno

    I love Anne Hathaway movies!! Bride Wars is one of my favorites since forever!! great post! kisses:D

  • ailyn

    i have to add always know your true friends.. remember how princess diaries had a rough patch because she wanted popular friends?

  • Carmen

    This is such a great post and I love Anne Hathaway. She really inspires me also in her private life. Who ever said we couldn’t learn something out of movies was definitively wrong ;) xx Carmen

  • Stefanie

    Loved this <3 You made my evening! :)

    x Stefanie

  • Bella B

    The Devil Wears Prada is a favourite chick flick. Loved this. :)

    xoxoBella |

  • Isabella

    Absolutely love this! Anne Hathaway has to be one of my favourite actresses, she’s so beautiful and plays such awesome characters! Love this post x

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  • jennifer

    This was a great article. I love anne hathaway. We women can take a lot out of this article.

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