Breaking Up? This App Will Help You Get Over Your Ex In 30 Days

According to Business Insider, the first week of the year is the time where most breakups happen. January 3rd is even called ‘Divorce Day’ by some lawyers, and in the modern age, breakups are much worse. Gone are the days where you can cut all ties and heal normally, now we’re constantly reminded of our ex on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram, and stalking them is easier than ever.

That’s where Jane and Jeanine come in, Jeanine is a makeup artist better known for creating Stila cosmetics and working with stars like Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett while Jane is a therapist who works with relationships and has seen what bad breakups can do. Together they decided to create an app that would help modern women get through breakups, the app is part diary, part online therapist and best friend and is designed to walk you through a breakup as painlessly as possible. We picked their brains on breakups, starting an app, beauty and burnouts…

JEANINE: I have nursed so many friends through bad break ups, and felt that it would be amazing to create an app with Jane that offered the best advice and support possible. I know so many women who also suffer from being hung up on someone they broke up with ages ago but they just can’t let it go. We felt that in this technical age where we pretty much do everything on our phones why not create some apps that also have some therapeutic qualities. The app format really lends itself well to the way we have laid out the process and exercises.

Jeanine Lobell

JEANINE: The best career advice I ever got was from my Dad. I had been fired from a salesgirl job and we were standing on the street in New York talking about it. My dad pointed to the hot dog stand next to us and said “Honey, see that guy with the hot dog stand? There’s no one standing over him telling him how to spread the mustard for maximum productivity or how much relish to use for cost savings he puts as much or as little as he wants…you need your own hot dog stand.” My dad totally got that I really was a person who needed to work for herself. This was the best advice he could’ve given me and didn’t give me hell for getting fired! JANE: From my Irish grandmother, which was to “put value on yourself.”

JEANINE: Go find what you are passionate about and fight for it. So much of your life is consumed by work so it’s imperative that you do something that excites or inspires you. And the truth is the more interesting the job the tougher it is to access but it’s totally worth it in the end. JANE: Don’t hold yourself back with misinformation about your abilities.


JANE: Well, we’re all very attached to our phones, right? It’s there with you all the time, so if you’re having a moment, you can open the app and read for a minute or two, do a little writing, or focus on one of our suggestions of what to do.

Jane – as a therapist, do you have any advice for career girls who are experiencing a burnout or excessive stress in the workplace?
JANE: Yes! Establishing work/life balance is absolutely key. With good time management you can squeeze in all the ways you take care of yourself. Figure out what you like to do to decompress, what you need to do to feel human, what inspires and motivates you, put it in your calendar and stick to the plan!

Jane Reardon

Jeanine – as a makeup artist do you have any tips or favourite products for career girls?
My best advice is to always have that go to red lip color every woman needs one in her purse for those days when she’s feeling drab. There is a red out there for everyone! Also, everyone has one feature they like and one they dislike. Take a makeup lesson and learn how to correct the trouble area and how to accentuate the feature you like. This will make the most difference in your make up routine.

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