#CareerGirlConfession: 9 Thoughts Every Girl Has When She’s On Instagram

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Are you an Insta addict? Us, too. We spend a silly amount of time checking out ridiculous pictures of models on boats and wondering how long it would take for us to be in those pictures. Ah, a girl can dream, right? Here are some thoughts we all have when we’re on Instagram…

#1 Is this good enough to post?

Yeah you’ve edited it on three different photo editors, (and maybe blurred your skin a little – we won’t tell) but you’re still not sure that it’s good enough to go online, maybe you;ll send it to your friends first to make sure…or maybe you’ll just decide to post another pic of lunch instead of a selfie.

#2 Why isn’t this my life?

You’re just simply scrolling along, minding your own business, and then you see another perfect photo of someone on the beach or in their own studio office, which means you have to obsess over their whole account and like everything they’ve ever posted.

#3 Shit! Did I just like that?

You were just engaging in some innocent stalking of someone you used to know when you accidentally liked the photo. Great. What’s worse is that it was from a long, long time ago. So now it’s time to pack up your life and leave the country, I guess!

#4 What should I caption this?

It’s always better to just go with an emoji right? It seems like you don’t really care about this artfully edited black and white photo of you and your girl squad with it’s effortless white border…yeah, just put the cactus emoji.

#5 Can I seriously hashtag that?

I mean, some of these hashtags are intense, and they make you look like you’re trying too hard. But ironic hashtags don’t translate well through Instagram, maybe you’ll just put #lol and hope it gathers a lot of likes.

#6 Three likes…great.

You always think you’ll get more likes than you do, and sometimes when you have a photo that only gets a couple of likes you just want to delete it and give the whole thing up. You just don’t get the algorithm of Instagram like some people do…

#7 I’m in love

Yeah, girls on Instagram have the unique ability to find hot (seriously hot) guys posting pics of their lives (beards and dogs optional) and then their account suddenly becomes a hot topic in the group chat “HAVE YOU SEEN HIS TATTOOS?”.

#8 OMG her account isn’t private!

You found the jackpot, your ex’s new girlfriend or someone you just really want to stalk, and thanks to Instagram you can now have an intimate look at their lives without them ever knowing. Welcome to the 21st Century, girls!

#9 Her life is goals!

You find yourself looking at super in shape girls who drink smoothies and green tea and liking their photos in the hope that their lifestyle will transfer to you and you’ll want to Instagram yourself doing yoga on a beach one day.


  1. OMG number 9 is so true! I find myself liking outfits, recipes, super cute swimsuits hopes that they magically appear in my house haha

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