Caroline De Maigret’s Hilarious Message About Poolside Insecurities




Parisian model-turned-beauty-muse Caroline de Maigret has teamed up with the trendsetting and daring fashion brand, Eres, to star in this hilarious video.

Not only does the French sweetheart spotlight Eres’ colorful Spring/Summer 2016 collection, but highlights the very real issue of going through great lengths just to avoid flashing our derrières when heading to the pool.

“I don’t exercise so much and I’m fine with my body,” Caroline said in a statement. “But I have to say that when it comes to being at the beach, I suddenly become more conscious of my flaws. And of course, I start comparing myself to the 18-year-old girls with perfect bodies we see in magazines all year around. So I wanted to make fun of me and that moment before I go to swim and the different ways that come to my mind to avoid showing my butt to everyone. It almost becomes like a weird dance and I always thought it was really fun to watch! Happy summer!”

I think we all at some point in our lives have felt like Caroline and felt more paranoid about our beach bods when the time finally arrived to strip down to just a swimsuit. I mean you’re pretty much not wearing anything; it’s the perfect opportunity for a whole bunch of paranoia monsters to decide to come crashing in.

There’s always three things I’m conscious about: Unwanted body hair making an unsightly appearance, too much butt on display! And how ridiculously pasty my legs are. Seriously, I could sunbathe all day and you’ll still need sunglasses to look directly at them. “Ahh my eyes!”

My advice would be to wear whatever makes you feel beach confident. Opt for swimwear that really flatters your body shape so you look damn smoking hot and feel ready to do the dreaded pool walk without having to resort to sneaky butt-hiding tactics!

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  • Camille Beygui

    Such a great video

  • Natalia de Oliveira

    Hahahaha I’m brazilian, and live at Rio de Janeiro, where the summer lasts all year. We have to get used with our own flaws, otherwise we get crazy. :P

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