10 Life Lessons We Learned From Carrie Bradshaw

The famous ‘It Girl’ has stolen our hearts ever since we saw her extravagant outfits grace our screens back in the 90s!

She may have shown us the importance of a cosmo and what sex in the city is really like, but she’s also taught us some very valuable life lessons.

She’s taught us how to dress, she’s taught us how to love and most importantly never to settle for less.

But that’s not all…


Lesson #1:

When things get rough, do what makes you happy without feeling guilty


Lesson #2:

Never stay home sad and upset, go out and change the night


Lesson #3:

Your body is not the problem. It’s how you perceive yourself and your body that is! Be body confident!


Lesson #4:

That it’s definitely not you.


Lesson #5:

Spend money on the things that make you happy, and if you’re like Carrie, spend it on clothes!


Lesson #6:

Always, always be yourself


Lesson #7: 

When all else fails, just have a glass of wine


Lesson #8:

To always know your worth and call it like you see it


Lesson #9:

Organize your life by organizing your home


Lesson #10:

Never settle for less than what you deserve, know your worth and have faith that out there somewhere is better



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